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BELMAR, New Jersey, May 27, 2020 / PRNewswire / – The current total student debt in United States is about $ 1.6 trillion, according to a recent Forbes article. ZIPO, Inc., a nonprofit organization, has done its research and found a viable solution that can dramatically reduce this national debt – removing the burden of student loan interest rates. Recently, they launched a new website to raise awareness of their political movement to achieve zero interest on all student loans, and it’s packed with information that helps everyone join the effort.

After years of paying off his student debt, the founder of ZIPO, Chris Szablowski realized that “the current student loan program is nothing more than a major profit opportunity for banks and a tool for schools to charge high tuition fees. This is why he proposes the following solution:

  • Zero interest student loans issued by the US government
  • All outstanding student loans converted at zero interest
  • Any interest paid on existing student loans applied in principle
  • 30-year student loan repayment
  • Loan repayment as non-taxable payroll deduction

The ZIPO website goes one step further by explaining exactly how the government’s proposed zero-interest loan scheme would work, as well as why this action is needed; but the most important page of the website would be the Act page. On this page, readers can instantly find out how they can be a part of this movement. They are encouraged to share their student loan experience via a video testimonial or by contacting their local district leaders to implement the change.

The CARES Act has temporarily relieved people of their student loan payments, so now is the time to act. In September, when the loan debt begins to collect again, let’s get zero percent interest on all of these loans. To be part of this movement or to find out more, visit:

ZIPO, Inc. was founded by Chris Szablowski who started the movement after his own struggles with student loans. With his view that student loans are an investment the government is making in the future of our country, the goal of eliminating high interest rates becomes clear. Everyone – whether a current student or a former student – who visits the new website is invited to share their own stories about their struggles with student loans and get involved in a movement that will reduce the huge total student debt – to the benefit of both students and government.

SOURCE ZIPO: principal without interest only

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