Zelda X Final Fantasy and other crossover players want to be revealed in the study


A recent online survey of a group of nearly 1,000 participants reveals which video game crossovers are the most coveted among gamers.

A recent survey reveals that video game crossover gamers are the most eager to see, including THE Legend of Zelda meets Final fantasy. The two classic fantasy franchises, despite very different gameplay, have left an undeniable mark in the video game industry. Ultimately, there’s a huge demand for crossovers like this and more, and they’re getting much, much weirder than many assume.

Video game franchise crossovers have become more and more common, with some games like Super Smash Bros. and Heroes of the Storm being entirely concept-based. A particularly popular Nintendo series, Animal crossing, is well known for its crosses with other Nintendo games. The 2012 episode of the series, New leaf, featured villagers from a number of Nintendo franchises, including THE Legend of Zelda. The last opus of the series, New Horizons, the most recent items and outfits from the iconic Mario franchise. While these internal crosses are always popular and welcome, many players want much more ambitious crosses between different companies, and even genres.

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Game site OnlineRoulette.Org recently surveyed nearly 1,000 gamers about which video game franchises they’d be most excited to see (thanks, Dexerto). Artists were then commissioned to illustrate what exactly these crossovers would look like in reality. Some notable franchises that fans have expressed interest in colliding are THE Legend of Zelda and Final fantasy, Mario kart and Need of speed, Mortal combat and WWE, and Call of Duty and LOSS.

Video game crossovers have become more and more common recently, with some games becoming heavily reliant on their cross-promotional marketing potential. Fortnite has become almost synonymous with pop culture crossovers, reaching movies, comics, and games. Recent leaks suggest comic book warrior Slade Wilson, better known as one-eyed assassin Deathstroke, will be the next big character to join the action, after Teen Titans“Beast Boy. Multiplayer survival horror game Death by the light of day, also known for his marketing focus on crossovers, has also built up a large roster of characters with different horror franchise backgrounds. Notable crosses include Left 4 Dead, resident Wrong, and Halloween, but some rumors suggest that the game’s next terrifying crossover will be with none other than the classic Scooby doo franchise.

Video game crossovers are always very exciting as they allow gamers’ imaginations to come to life in a formal and tangible way. Many fans have long imagined what a fight between Mario and Sonic would be like, but games like Super Smash Bros. Not only allow epic showdowns like this to happen, but also allow full control of the players. OnlinerRoulette.OrgThe company ‘s survey demonstrates the popularity of crossovers while providing an interesting look at which franchises match the best.

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Source: OnlineRoulette.Org (Going through Dexerto)

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