Zelda: 10 dungeon songs that will stick in your head

From classic versions to novelties, THE Legend of Zelda the franchise is full of songs and sounds that easily get stuck in fans’ heads. Since the first Zelda game played, it’s hard to forget the distinct sound of opening a chest (and disappointing when fans realize the sound doesn’t occur when opening anything in the chest. real life). And who can forget all the greetings across the different games?

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But along with the sounds, Zelda also has some fantastic soundtracks. From wandering in the village of Kariko to the city of the clock in Majora’s Mask, there is something for all LOZ fans.

ten “Hyrule Castle (interior)” increases the sense of danger – Breath of the Wild

Inside Hyrule Castle in BOTW

Once Link enters Hyrule Castle in Breath of the wild, it’s both terrifying and amazing. The piano at the back of the song drives the intensity, making it seem like there is constant danger all around.

The interior version of this dungeon theme song is more desperate than the exterior. After running around the castle for a few minutes, the music stays in the player’s mind for the rest of the game.

9 “Dark World Dungeon” is a mars type tune – A link to the past

Dark Palace Frame from A Link to the Past

A link to the past is another Zelda game with two different dungeon sounds. When it comes to getting stuck in the listener’s head, the Dark Palace seems to have a leg up on the Light World Dungeon.

With fast walking sounds echoing through the song, it creates a sense of urgency. The high intensity song makes you feel like you want Link to run through this dungeon as fast as possible.

8 “Le château de Lorule” is gradually gaining strength – A link between the worlds

Lorule Castle from A Link Between Worlds

This song is a bit lighter than others for a dungeon. While still intense, it feels more like the hero is confidently launching into battle. While advancing in the keep of the castle of Lorule in a link between worlds, he gradually picks up in intensity, gaining hype for the final boss.

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But the melody remains the same, even with the different variations. Even after the dungeon is over and Link passed, it’s a tough song to shake.

7 “Forest Temple” recreates the feeling of getting lost – Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time Forest Temple

This is what the loss looks like. Honestly, with a winding temple like the forest temple in Ocarina of time, it would make sense to have a song that sounded just as lost. And this dungeon does exactly that.

With the clicking sound constantly swirling through the player’s ears, it is almost dizzying to hear over and over again. And the intense background music going through his head doesn’t help either. This only adds to the confusion surrounding this dungeon.

6 “Temple of Droplets” makes the listener feel like time is about to pass – The Minish Cap

The Minish Cap Droplet Temple

This dungeon has the same sounds played over and over again. This in itself is bound to replay in the mind of the player. In The Minish cap, the Temple of Droplets plays the same chords over and over with varying intensity.

It creates a strange feeling, almost as if time is passing. While this song gets stuck in the player’s head, it seems like the rest is missing.

5 “Forsaken Fortress” makes your heart beat faster – Wind Waker

Wind Waker abandoned fortress

Trying to sneak around the abandoned fortress in Wind waker with this song playing in the background, players’ hearts are sure to be racing. With moblins looking for you every turn and noticing every move Link makes, that in itself is enough to cause panic.

But when the song’s walking rhythm ties into the setting, it’s a new layer of stress. The thud of each step seems amplified. Seems like every beat announces every step Link takes.

4 “Stone Tower Temple” follows you – Majora’s Mask

Majoras Mask Stone Tower Temple

Talk about scary. The song at the back of the song of the temple dungeon of the stone tower in Majora’s Mask is a bit haunting. And the flute that plays seems to go against the tide of dark undertones. But that’s what makes it all the more eye-catching.

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Hearing this right upon entering the dungeon would send anyone on the run. Even after the start, it’s as if the buzz is following. The Stone Tower Temple doesn’t have a song that anyone would want to get stuck in their heads late at night.

3 “Palace of Twilight” is haunting – Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess Twilight Palace

In Twilight Princess, The Palace of Twilight is really scary, and the song doesn’t help. With the haunting sounds that sound like moans, the music rolling like a wave, and the chimes continually playing over it all, it’s a weird mix.

The chimes of the song get stuck in the player’s head even after leaving the dungeon. they’re like a reminder of what attacks or pursues Link in the dungeons.

2 “Dungeon Theme” is a classic song – Link’s Adventure

The Adventure Of Link Dungeon Setting

For the fans who have played The adventure of the link, the song of the dungeon is a song that still comes back to them years later. With an upbeat but abysmal underlying sound, this dungeon song reminds gamers how frustrating the game is.

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Playing this song once is enough to keep it in anyone’s head. But hearing him play with every dungeon except the last, he’s just waiting to sink into the fan’s head.

1 “Dungeon Theme” is a tangible memory – Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda Dungeon Frame

As a classic, this sound is like pulling up an old memory once played that just can’t be shaken. For The Legend of Zelda, the first Zelda game created, it is gold. At the time, it worked to intimidate the player.

Years later, it still is, but now there is a sense of nostalgia attached to it. It might not be the most interesting with just a few repeating strings, but it will play in the background in a fan’s head for days later.

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