You’re not ready for this ten-hour ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ review


While we all wait for news regarding Cyberpunk 2077, its free DLC, a date for the next gen after the delay, or expansion news, here’s something to keep you occupied.

It would be a sprawling ten hour review of Cyberpunk 2077 by legendary Tim Rogers on his Action button channel. Yes, you read that right, ten o’clock. I’m pretty sure you can beat the entire Cyberpunk 2077 main story campaign in this time frame.

It might sound silly if you’ve never followed Tim’s work, but it’s kind of his thing. You’ve heard of “minimalism,” well, Tim epitomizes “maximalism” in the YouTube realm, and is known for those long, hilarious reviews that contain long asides and information on what he covers. The intro video on its own for Cyberpunk 2077 review is an hour on its own, for example.

The end of this video will take you to the unlisted playlist videos for the ten hours of the exam. Self-indulgent? Maybe, but I think most of his fans would agree that ten hours with Tim is ten hours well spent, given the very unique format of his reviews and the flesh of the comments they contain.

I’m not really the talking type. Since Cyberpunk 2077 debuted a year ago, I’ve noticed a void in the coverage of the game that I wanted to fill, because even though the game was a huge “failure”, over 15 million people have seen it. still bought and wanted to know more about this. So I’ve written dozens (hundred?) Of Cyberpunk 2077 articles over the past year, and I could probably compile them all into a book at this point. So I’m not about to judge someone who has done an in-depth review of the ten hour game.

Since it only came out 12 hours ago, no, I haven’t been able to watch it all yet, but I’m working on it and there is already a lot of interesting stuff. I know the length sounds absurd, but if you’re as fascinated with the whole Cyberpunk saga as I am, then it will probably be worth watching.

So, it’s back to waiting for updates. Since they announced a next gen delay, I’m not expecting anything except probably another major ‘fix issues’ fix before the end of the year, which may contain free DLC. It would be a bit of a shame if CDPR literally didn’t do anything for the first anniversary, but we’ll have to see.

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