‘You can choose your house but not your gender’: Hogwarts Legacy reveals players can choose their houses like Harry Potter instead of being sorted, fans Troll JK Rowling to take notes for her anti-trans stance

As you would expect from any famous franchise, the market is flooded with its merchandise and other products, such as games and action figures. Despite being hugely famous, the Harry Potter series has failed to see a hit game released so far because Hogwarts Legacy seems to fill the void.

Hogwarts Legacy will allow players to visit common rooms in their house.

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Slated for release early next year, it’s an action role-playing game that will also be open-world. Open-world games are all the rage right now, given the success of Genshin Impact and hype around GTA 6.

What to expect from the game?

In an attempt to simulate the success of the films, Hogwarts Legacy will allow players to attend classes related to Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, and many more. Players will also be able to customize many aspects of their character, including their voice and gender.

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy will focus on the lore surrounding the Goblin Rebellion, accused by fans of being based on known anti-Semitic tropes.

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Although the game has been criticized for also allowing players to choose their houses, as they believe this is contrary to what is described in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The only character to choose from in the movies was Harry Potter.

JK Rowling back in controversy

JK Rowling has previously come under fire for her tweets about the transgender community, considered transphobic by many fans. In short, she called herself TERF or trans-exclusive radical feminist, a feminist who rejects the claim that trans women are women.

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JK Rowling
JK Rowling’s comments came in reaction to proposed changes to UK gender recognition laws.

When the game was announced to allow fans to choose their home, fans denounced JK Rowling’s hypocrisy, claiming that Hogwarts Legacy will allow players to choose their house but not their gender.

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Despite a Bloomberg report confirming that the game will include transgender characters and the option to create one, fans continue to criticize JK Rowling. The author is also confirmed not to be directly involved in the creation of the game.

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