Yes, you should buy ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ for $ 33 on PlayStation


I have just been informed that after more than six months of a ban from PlayStation Store, Cyberpunk is not only back, as it has been for a few months now, but it is in fact on sale on PlayStation for a significant discount. .

For some reason, the CDPR decided to price Cyberpunk 2077 at $ 50 on PlayStation Store, perhaps as a sort of apology / extra draw for gamers once it returns after the ban. But now it has been further away at a reduced price, a third having fallen to this price. This means that Cyberpunk 2077 is up to $ 33.49, roughly half of what you would pay for a normal $ 60 game. This price is live until 10/14/21.

I am often asked if you should buy this game or this game on sale, if it is “worth it” or not. And despite my many Cyberpunk reviews over the past year, ultimately yes, I would recommend picking it up at this price. I think the value is there for a number of reasons.

1. The game is indeed in a much better condition than it was at launch, both on PS4 and PS5. It will never perform “well” on a PS4, but it’s not bordering on unplayability like it used to be, and I know a number of people have done very well on their base to base PS4s. this stage. On PS5, everything works perfectly (you are using the PS4 Pro version, upconverted), and thousands of bugs have been fixed since launch (although there are plenty left).

2. You also buy the next-gen version of the game for $ 33 here. CDPR has promised that the next-gen version of Cyberpunk, the dedicated PS5 and Xbox Series X versions, will be free upgrades. So here you’re only paying $ 33 for two copies of the game, whereas on Xbox it’s still listed for $ 60. Not bad.

3. I would say 60% of my main issues with Cyberpunk relate to the way CDPR handled the release, not the quality of the game itself. The CDPR bluntly lied about the game’s performance on the latest gen consoles and said some amazing things like it just didn’t catch the (thousands) of bugs it encountered in testing. But the game itself? While yes I think it’s missing in many areas (Life Paths, Police AI), there’s a core story here that’s full of twists and turns and memorable characters that I think has one of the best writing RPG of the last generation. It’s an interesting and engaging world and Cyberpunk has created a new stable of classic characters from Judy to Panam to River to Jackie to even V herself, which is surprisingly large despite being a first person character. I think there is a lot to like about the game, despite its problem. $ 33 worth of stuff, sure.

So yes, this is my recommendation. I will continue to harass the CDPR until it delivers what it promised and completely fixes the game and the stuff, but at the same time I can also recommend the game in its current state, for this price. For a “new” run, however, you might want to buy the $ 33 copy now and wait for the release of the PS5 version (if you own a PS5) for a better first experience, though we haven’t yet. date on this. in addition to “maybe 2021”.

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