WWE SmackDown Sign Claims The Bouncer Is The Best Final Fantasy Game


In a bold statement out of nowhere, a Smackdown audience member holds up a sign claiming The Bouncer is the best title in Final Fantasy.

the bouncer

In an unusual location, an unusual and perhaps unpopular opinion has been revealed: The bouncer is the best Final fantasy Title. A fan in the audience proudly held up the sign at Smack down, a place without Square Enix connections.

There is hardly anything known about this random attendant, other than his love for a game that isn’t even in the game. Final fantasy series. Was the sign simply the efforts of a troll? Or was it a confused fan’s misguided attempt to promote a 20-plus-year-old game?

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The reveal comes from a Reddit article posted by u / BananaBoi7668 on r / FinalFantasy. The comments were a mix of people in love and nostalgia for the title and others criticizing it for the character design and its short duration.


The bouncer was released in 2001 for PlayStation 2. It was directed by Takashi Tokita and Seiichi Ishii with characters drawn by Tetsuya Nomura. The story follows three bouncers working at a bar on the dangerous Dog Street of Edge Town. Each comes from a different life path but has found their way to the same place, and with a mysterious girl in their care. Life is good until it is kidnapped by the mysterious and powerful Mikado Company. They venture to save the girl and find out the reasons.

Despite the stunning visuals for the time and being a launch title for the PlayStation 2, The bouncer received lackluster reviews from critics and fans alike. Many have criticized its short duration and repetitive struggles. The problem was compounded by the uneven balance of cutscenes versus actual gameplay. Watching a game shows that the actual gameplay is only about a third of a game. While the reviews weren’t great, they weren’t great, and that, combined with poor sales, caused the series to go nowhere.

The most confusing part of it all is that The bouncer is not part of Final fantasy universe. Yes, he shares a developer, Squaresoft at the time, and there are teases about this series, but that’s it. Even though the statement is intended to criticize the Final fantasy franchise, going with another Squaresoft game that actually had Final fantasy the characters in it would make more sense. Ehrgeiz is an equally lesser-known fighting game from Squaresoft that actually had characters from Final fantasy 7 inside. This would at least correspond to a game that is not technically Final fantasy be better than Final fantasy.

Second, make such a claim at an event like Smack down, which has no real connection with The bouncer Where Final fantasy is confusing. So unless this random fan posts a post themselves or someone is stalking them for answers, there’s no way to know the true meaning of the sign.

The bouncer is available for PlayStation 2.

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