Wu-Tang Clan fantasy RPG reportedly in the works

A new “third-person fantasy RPG” from the Wu-Tang Clan is in the works at Microsoft and new developer Brass Lion Entertainment, which includes veterans from BioWare and Bethesda. The new title would be based on “the tradition of the Wu-Tang Clan” and the group will also create the soundtrack.

This is according to journalist Jez Corden, who says in the last episode of the Xbox Two podcast (thanks VGC) that he first heard of the Wu-Tang RPG in July – apparently codenamed “Shaolin.” , Possibly in reference to the rivalry between the Shaolin and Wu-tang martial arts styles, which actually appeared in the September Nvidia GeForce Now game leak.

Corden says the game “uses the tradition of the Wu-Tang Clan” and that it is a “third-person fantasy action RPG revolving around melee combat,” with four-way co-op. players, a “beefy campaign” with “a few dozen hours” of play, looting, seasonal content, dungeon crawling, and end-game content – with Corden making a specific comparison to Minecraft Dungeons, though he be pretty sure it’s not an isometric game like Diablo.

GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb backed Jez Corden’s report on his own show, though he didn’t say much more than confirming that this is not a remake of the Mortal Kombat spin-off. Shaolin Monks. The Brass Lion Entertainment website says it has an “unannounced action-RPG” in the works, which could be the Wu-Tang game.

Corden also adds that Shaolin is “pretty early” in development, so don’t expect to hear about it for a while. This report comes right after Corden and Grubb, revealing that Microsoft is also working on a “cloud-native MMO,” which it is looking to gain experience on to help its collaboration with Hideo Kojima.

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