Wrestling fans wage silent RPG war on live TV


Wrestling fans are a passionate bunch and on live television this passion is easy to spot. Through posters and t-shirts, fans share their love for their favorites and fight for what they believe in – but in the context of wrestling shows, something even deeper is brewing. You see, most people resolve disputes in person or online. But wrestling fans do it another way: by bringing passive-aggressive posters to wrestling shows.

As the Twitter user pointed out @ RRIVERA992011 recently (and by Botchamania Maffew Gregg in 2019), an “RPG war” was waged in silence behind the scenes of live wrestling matches for years. And now that the fans are back in the arenas, the war continues to heat up.

It’s common for fans to bring funny posters or memes to wrestling shows in an attempt to get noticed on camera, but over the past three years, the posters have started to tackle deeper issues. In fact, they are tackling an issue that is close to the hearts of many gamers: Final fantasy is the best.

As new posters decry Persona 5 recently made their way onto television, the most common front of this raging wrestling poster RPG war is the argument over Final Fantasy.

The oldest spotted poster appears to be the “FFVIII IS UNDERRATED ”who appeared on an episode of WWE Raw at some point prior to 2019.

This was then answered by a fan who insisted “Final fantasy 8 Sucks / Is Filth ”on subsequent shows. Another fan joined the fray with the bold statement “FFX2 > FF8”Which opened the floodgates to all kinds of disturbed outlets.

In a recent episode of AEW, a fan said Final fantasy 6 has been “still goatLater, a savvy fan brought a sign saying, ‘While they are arguing Final Fantasy VIII, we stan Final Fantasy Tactics ”, which might in fact be the most “correct” take of all. Another fan was holding a sign saying “Persona 5 it sucks ”.

And as wrestling fans noticed that the argument was taking place on live television, the phenomenon started to spread.

It’s not only Final fantasy at the mercy of wrestling fans, it is all RPG. “Kingdom Hearts sucks”Once dragged Asuka from WWE into the arena. Another fan carried a sign asking the “prohibition” of Bayonetta. There was also a sign SEO an obscure To break payment controversy.

But perhaps the most important sign to emerge from wrestling RPG warfare is this one, who humbly asks Nintendo to finally locate Mother 3. It is something that we can all support.

With wrestling fans slowly returning to arenas after a one-and-a-half-year absence due to coronavirus, we can expect to see RPG wars heat up in the future. Although we may not agree on Final fantasy is the best, we can all expect to see more drama unfolding in the background of live TV.

It is guaranteed that there will be more unbalanced signs waiting behind the scenes.


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