WoW is gorgeous as a tabletop town

World of Warcraft is almost 16 years old. During this time, we have seen many expansions and even a return to the roots of classic PC gaming with WoW Classic. During this time, however, we’ve also seen WoW get its own paper-and-pen role-playing game. It’s been around since early 2003, although a content creator recently showed how World of Warcraft can look like a tabletop town.

As spotted by Wowhead, content creator Brent of Leisure in Goobertown created a city inspired by the colors and architecture of buildings from the various colonies in World of Warcraft. Brent explains that he was particularly impressed with the different color ranges you get in different cities. The shingles in Goldshire are all blue, in Lakeshire they are red, and in Duskwood they are particularly gray and scary. We also have Stormwind, which features a range of roofs in different colors to represent each district.

Brent says he’s wandered around the gaming world to get it all figured out before getting down to work on his own paint job, and it seems like a nice way to spend an evening. The rest of the video shows Brent assembling buildings from Table world and paint them.

If you want to see the video for yourself, you can watch it below:

If you’re looking for a more old-school World of Warcraft, we’ll have the Burning Crusade server in WoW Classic in June, with a pre-patch expected to land next week. Along with the heaps of new content that unfolds in five waves, you also get two new classes to play.

If you want recommendations on the best MMORPGs on PC, you can find anything you want beyond the link. If you want to know more about table games, our sister site Wargamer has loads of good stuff, like this feature on the best board games for the family, which can be great for those odd gray days.

Top Image Credit: Goobertown Hobbies

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