Windjammers but with guns? Introducing Cyberpunk Sports Title ‘Hyper Gunsport’

As part of the MIX Indie Showcase, cyberpunk volleyball game Hyper Gunsport has been announced and is “coming soon” to Nintendo Switch.

As seen in the video above, the game focuses on 2-on-2 volleyball matches where you use guns to kick the ball past your opponents, aiming to score a point via the colored goals at either end of the pitch – true Windjammers style!

Two-person teams consist of a ‘striker’ and a ‘keeper’ – forwards focus on attacking play and are able to move and jump but have fewer shots available. Keepers stand still in front of goal, but have more shots and a wider aiming range for a more defensive position. You can choose to play in one of seven locations, each featuring its own unique gameplay gimmick.

Hyper Gunsport also has an impressive range of accessibility options, including the ability to enable aim assist, adjust the length of your laser sight, reduce game speed, and even disable the background to improve visibility.

For anyone who loved Windjammers 2, this one definitely looks like it will scratch an itch if you’re looking for more arcade sports action. We’ll be sure to provide more updates on its release in the weeks and months to come.

Will you take Hyper Gunsport? Are you still playing Windjammers 2? Let us know!

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