Why the lack of a day one patch of Kirby and the Forgotten Land is awesome

Kirby is improving the trend of issues with delayed and rushed games by releasing a fantasy title on the day it was due without even a day one patch.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a delightful video game for many reasons, but perhaps the most satisfying of all is that it came without a day one patch. Popular AAA games released at version 1.0 are extremely rare these days, and developers have become too complacent to fix games later.

AAA game development has become increasingly taxing on creative teams, and it’s certainly not easy to squash every bug in a massive game before launch. However, that does not excuse the huge amount of popular titles being released in an unfinished state these days. Big-budget games suffer countless delays meant to give developers more time to work and avoid disastrous launches, but video games have only become less stable over the years. Kirby reminds everyone that a game can always reach its deadline without stumbling over bugs along the way.

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Nintendo is known for releasing polished masterpieces and should be considered the industry benchmark for game developers. It’s rare to see any of the ITS games release with a major bug, which builds confidence in its audience that it will get what it pays for at launch. Kirby doesn’t have a day one patch, and better than that, doesn’t need one. Presentation and a stress-free experience are key to Kirby games, which means they have to come out in a stable condition to capture the wonder of Kirby glitches distracting gamers. Fans can start playing safely Kirby at launch and know they won’t regret playing so soon.

Kirby and Waddle Dees celebrate a clear milestone in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Compare that to PlayStation, which recently launched Forbidden Horizon West with various visual bugs, something unexpected for its trim level, or Xbox with its flagship Halo the franchise is still launching with unwanted bugs and cutting content to release. This punishes early adopters who like to get caught up in the hype and rewards patient gamers who pick up these games when they’re fixed and on sale.

Fans want to be excited about new releases, but they have no choice but to be pessimistic when even critically acclaimed games like Ring of Elden launched with debilitating performance issues and unbalanced RPG mechanics, despite a day one patch. Later patches improved stability and added new map features to make quest lines easier, telegraphing players that it’s not worth playing a game at launch when they only get better with the weather.

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Many are to blame for facilitating this troubling system in which games and their developers are not penalized for launching too soon. Critics are to blame for fueling hype trains and allowing games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Ring of Elden to be reviewed so strongly without further criticism against their launch issues. Developers and publishers are certainly to blame for rushing products when they aren’t ready and relying heavily on future patches to do their dirty laundry.

Unfortunately, consumers are also to blame for literally buying into the hype rather than being patient and talking with their wallets. Despite Cyberpunk 2077 and GTA The Trilogy: Definitive Edition being among the most broken game launches in recent memory, they both sold like gangbusters, proving that companies are right not to care about the state of a video game at launch.

Kirby and Forgotten Land Life Up amiibo rewards.

It is frankly Kirby and the Forgotten Land even more impressive for being as complete as it is when the rest of the industry deems it unnecessary compared to the high sales figures. Nintendo sets itself to a higher level of quality than the rest of the game publishing titans and is one of the few companies that really justifies selling its products at full price. Nothing seems half-baked or lacking in Kirbyleaving players happy with the final product instead of waiting for future patches to make the game worthwhile.

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Recommend Kirby to friends doesn’t come with caveats like recommending something as broken as Cyberpunk 2077 was at launch. Kirby can be a smaller scale game compared to cyberpunk, but there are still plenty of moving parts in the title that could easily falter, and yet they never do. It benefits everyone to release a game that works flawlessly enough that the narrative and quality of the game’s design can be focused on the issues rather than the technical issues.

To be clear, day one patches are useful in game development and even vital to support launches. However, it’s still nice to see Kirby go back to the pre-patch days and get going without needing to be patched. KirbyThe first outing in the world of 3D platforming had every reason to come out with a few technical issues, and yet it’s polished to such an immaculate degree that it deserves to be spotlighted as a shining example for all to see. other game developers.

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