Why fans are questioning Tania Maduro’s passion for witchcraft

90 Day Fiancé fans say Tania’s good witch character doesn’t match her onscreen actions. Some of her witchy Instagram posts may refer to a breakup.

Tania Maduro from 90 day fiancé has touted her affinity for all things wizarding in the show and on her Instagram page, but some fans aren’t convinced that she has a genuine devotion to witchcraft. As her relationship with Syngin Colchester is said to be on the rocks, some social media users are reading between the lines when it comes to Tania’s social media posts. Those 90DF franchise fans want more information about his love life. They also wonder if its witchcraft-related content is genuine or a facade.

Fans were introduced to Connecticut native Tania and her South African fiance Syngin the 90 day fiancé season 7. The couple met at a bar while Tania was traveling in South Africa, and she chose to extend her trip due to their instant connection. Ultimately, the couple decided to take the next step by bringing Syngin to the United States on a K-1 visa. The relationship seemed fragile from the start, with Tania leaving Syngin alone in the United States for 30 days so that she could take a herbalist course in Costa Rica. Tania also mentioned on the show that she felt like her ex-boyfriend and her first love (not Syngin) was her soul mate. Despite these problems, the couple continued to move forward with their wedding plans. While Syngin and Tania appeared happy together earlier this year, the two recently sparked divorce rumors through cryptic Instagram posts and comments.

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Reality alum Tania comes across as a witch-in-training in her Instagram biography, but her true dedication to witchcraft is questionable due to her conflicting social media posts and attitude on 90 day fiancé. She recently posted a video clip of a full moon on her Instagram, captioned with a note on current astrology and a suggestion for keeping a dream journal. The video includes what Tania calls a “orb” floating in the night sky. Subscribers were quick to comment that the alleged “orb” was actually caused simply by the lens of his phone’s camera, rather than witchcraft or paranormal activity. Tania (who recently received a proposal on social media) also adds in the caption that she plans to take a “ritual bath“and use the hashtag”#fullmoonritual“.

Tania Maduro’s chilling messages spark a reaction

Even though she claims to be a witch and has mentioned archetypes of the nature-loving Wicca religion on Instagram, 90 day fiancé fans tend to doubt his seriousness. A Reddit user who identifies as Pagan doesn’t want her to be in his group. This isn’t the first time Tania has tried to push the laid-back witchcraft narrative for herself. During his time on 90 day fiancé, Tania dubbed herself a wizard after only a 30-day introductory course in herbalism, annoying many viewers. Reddit users consider his efforts to be a type of role-playing game at Hogwarts. Fans also aren’t buying Tania’s calm, “one with the universe” character when she didn’t seem to practice that perspective in her on-screen interactions with Syngin. Reddit user Miss_Kit_Kat considers Tania to be “control freak. “

Fans read a lot in Tania Maduro’s witch posts

Tania and Syngin in a 90 day fiancé

While Tania has proclaimed her interest in witchcraft in the past, it’s possible that she will lean more heavily into her ways of witchcraft after her alleged breakup with Syngin. The rituals she’s talked about might give her the comfort she seeks during a difficult time. His aforementioned Instagram post also used the hashtag “# burn what does not serve you,», Which could be a confirmation of the breakup of the couple. After recent speculation that Syngin is hanging out with a new adventure, a response from Tania would be warranted.

She’s built a negative reputation on the show, so it’s no wonder 90 day fiancé fans are skeptical of the spiritual positivity featured in Tania’s social media posts. Her witchcraft messages might just be a tool she uses to portray herself in a more positive and carefree light in the wake of her rumors of marital trouble.

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