Why AI Dungeon is not safe for children at this time


AI Dungeon’s new safeguards help protect against inappropriate sexual content, but the game is still a work in progress and far from cohesive.

The text-based experimental narrative game AI Dungeon rolled out a new testing system to prevent the program from allowing or generating sexual content involving minors. Developer, Latitude, issued a statement regarding the change, noting: “We remain true to the principles on which Latitude was founded, which involve promoting freedom of thought and expression through our advanced artificial intelligence platform. At the same time, we have zero tolerance for sexual content involving minors. These steps were necessary because some players were using the program for inappropriate content, and the AI, unfortunately, was learning from the worst tendencies of its human users.

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Latitude’s response is thorough, and while it shows that the developers seem to have the right priorities, AI Dungeon is still an often unpredictable experience. Due to learning about AI, prior to implementing these new guarantees, some players noted that harmless situations involving child characters would become sexualized without any player prompting them. AI Dungeon doesn’t go into a storyline with a whole imagined narrative in mind, like a human dungeon master performing a Dungeons and dragons the game could. AI Dungeon knows that certain words and phrases have been associated in the past, and offers new content accordingly, often at the expense of a coherent plot, but also, before saves, in unacceptable directions.

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More recent tests of AI Dungeon show that the system seems to be working, for the most part. While some complain of false flags, harmless content blocked due to system concerns that it could be sexual content involving minors, these appear to be the exception. Generally speaking, Safeguards seem to recognize overtly sexual content and will block it based on filtering settings, and AI will always act to block such content involving child characters. Developers Note this is done through an automated system, in an appropriate manner, and not by a group of people reading AI Dungeon game transcripts like the HBO show Silicon Valley “Not a hot dog”, manually searching for inappropriate sexual content.

AI Dungeon looks like ‘bad physics’, text-based games

Why AI Dungeon is still not safe for kids - Photo by TABS Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Despite these changes, AI Dungeon is still probably not suitable for kids to play, in part due to the continued nature of AI moderation as a perpetual work in progress, and the inherent issues with AI Dungeon’s word association-based procedural story generation Even when the program is well regulated with respect to offensive content, the stories generated are distorted and inconsistent, more often than not. It can be a fun experience for some players, but also unsettling at times, as the plot and setting change without warning or reason, story contradictions abound, and a cohesive narrative rarely emerges. the AI Dungeon the experience is similar to the Charlie Kaufman movie I think of the end of things, with names and stories constantly reassigned on a whim by the AI ​​storyteller. Games like D & D can help young people develop storytelling skills and be imaginative. AI Dungeon may lead to some fun anecdotes, but the nature of the program does not currently lend itself to true storytelling and world-building.

While video games have come a long way in procedural generation of maps and environments, AI Dungeon shows they have a long way to go before they can get close to a human storyteller. His text-based stories remain a peculiar quirk, closer to the ‘bad physics, bad controls’ subgenre, Fully accurate combat simulator and Surgeon simulator, where the goal of the game is not an immersive experience, but a wacky representation of combat and surgery, respectively. AI Dungeon produces some bizarre stories that maybe deserve a laugh, and maybe one day AI storytelling could come close to respectability. By taking the right steps to protect users and the integrity of their product from highly inappropriate content, Latitude at least strives to ensure that the program does not continue to learn all the worst lessons from human users and can hopefully. the, maintaining its status a largely safe, albeit odd, experience in text play.

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