Which Final Fantasy game has the best Moogles?


Kupo! The Moogle scream is well known to Final Fantasy fans from afar. These iconic little furballs have been around since Final Fantasy 3 and are one of the recurring features that make a Final Fantasy game a Final Fantasy game.

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Along with the Chocobos, the engineers named Cid, and the Elemental Crystals, the Moogles have become as recognizable as they are cute. Despite this, they are often very different from game to game, both in their implication, their function and even their existence as something entirely other than an arcade game or a line of magic dolls.

ten Final fantasy 5

In many ways, Final Fantasy 5 made numerous references to Final Fantasy 3. The Working System, Elemental Crystals, and Moogles are all returning features of the NES game, and this is where the latter get their signature. “Kupo!”

After saving a Moogle from the terrifying Moogle Eater, Bartz and co. are led to a forest of creatures. The fluffy objects offer them gifts and thanks to their ability to communicate telepathically over long distances, the group are saved by Krile and her dragon. They are not this important here, but they make an impression.

9 Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Terra kisses Mog

In this spinoff gacha game for mobile devices, Mog (note: not the Mog from Final Fantasy 6) is one of the few original characters to be involved in the story. He is the servant of the goddess Materia and guides heroes (and villains) through the convoluted world of Opera Omnia.

As a mysterious entity unrelated to any of the previously known cast members, Mog is an interesting character here. It is hinted at that he might even be evil, and the story hints that there may be something dark about the Moogle. Depending on how the story unfolds, Mog could be one of the most interesting Moogles in Final Fantasy history.

8 Final Fantasy 12

Final Fantasy 12 Montblanc Nono split image

The Ivalice Moogles make a strong appearance in Final Fantasy 12. Drawing inspiration from their general role in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, they often appear as mechanics and builders, known for their dexterity.

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Montblanc, a recurring Moogle in Ivalice, even makes an appearance at the head of the Centurio clan. He and his brothers are the most important Moogles in the game, Nono being Balthier’s chief mechanic! In Final Fantasy 12, they’re adorable, and while their roles are small, they’re sure to be unforgettable.

7 Final Fantasy: unlimited

Final Fantasy Unlimited Moogle Kupo powers up the Magun

Proving that it’s not Final Fantasy without one of these furry beasts, Moogle Kupo is a character who shows up towards the end of Final Fantasy: Unlimited. He is an old friend of Kaze, the Resident Summoner, and has shared a homeworld with him.

Moogle Kupo knows a lot about summoning and helps Kaze power his summoned entities (which are fired from his magic gun, no less). In the final episode (spoilers!), Moogle Kupo sacrifices himself, transforming into summoning sol that helps Kaze deliver the final blow to the big bad, Chaos.

6 Final Fantasy 13-2

Final Fantasy 13-2 Serah Mog

Mog is a surprisingly important character in Final Fantasy 13-2. He is tasked by Lightning to help Serah in his adventure and even bECOMES his weapons during battle. He’s an upbeat member of the party and can even be used to find items and monsters if you know exactly where to look (and throw him).

This Moogle is an uplifting part of a story that can get pretty dark at times. It is undoubtedly thanks to his voice actor Ariel Winter (known for having played the role of Alex Dunphy in Modern Family) which gives Mog the most enthusiastic voice possible.

5 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Moogle Grooming and Stiltzkin Split Image

The Crystal Chronicles franchise has a great portrayal of Moogles. Here they are very short and very round, adorably helping adventurers in dungeons and as part of the large caravans that scour the world in search of myrrh. Two recurring Moogles from Final Fantasy 9, Artemecion and Stiltzkin are also appearing.

These Moogles persist throughout the Crystal Chronicles games, with Artemecion running a store in Ring of Fates and a group of Moogles helping King Leo during the events of My Life as King. In a game with many different races to meet, the Moogles certainly stand out.

4 Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 Good King Moggle Mog XII Cinematic

Although initially a small part of the world at the start of this game’s narrative, the Moogles play an increasingly important role over time. Even veterans of the series were surprised when some story quest took the warrior of light in a boss battle against the good king Moggle Mog XII, and its musical theme will remain in their heads to this day.

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And that’s not to mention the village of Moogles encountered during the events of Heavensward. They are playful but adorable in this incarnation and players can dress up with various Moogle-themed accessories and outfits. It’s definitely a good performance for the critters.

3 Final fantasy 9

Final Fantasy 9 Moogles split image Alexandrian steeple and swamp that is

Acting as both save points, healing areas and a postal system, Final Fantasy 9 relies a lot on Moogles. They are a central part of the rich world-building this game enjoys and a very memorable incarnation. Players receive tutorials from them, receive a Chocobo from one of them, and can purchase rare items from the Stiltzkin while traveling.

With named Moogles appearing everywhere to build on the lore of the game and comment on current events via their letters, Final Fantasy 9 uses Moogles to their advantage extremely well. And anyway, who would not Want a flute that summons a Moogle to their side? Don’t overdo it as it will annoy Moguo, the Moogle world map.

2 Final fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6 Terra saves Mog

By far one of the most memorable moments in the entire Final Fantasy franchise is the opening of Final Fantasy 6 with Locke protecting Terra alongside a herd of friendly Moogles. The sequence is beloved and features Mog, a Moogle aloud with a sarcastic wit about him. While technically an optional character who can be recruited later in the game, the chances of anyone ditching the adorable Moogle are surely slim.

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Taking Mog with him feels good, as he really stands out among a large group of mostly humans. He is both a dancer and a mighty dragon with the right equipment, making them a flexible party member that is convenient to keep. He’s one of the most iconic characters in the franchise and it’s impossible not to love him.

1 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Moogle Montblanc Nono Walk in a Bar

As one of five playable races in Tactics Advance and its sequel, the Moogles deservedly have a place of pride in the land of Ivalice. Most notably is the Deuteragonist of the Montblanc game, a generous and fun Moogle who guides Marche through the difficult world of leading a clan. His little brother, Nono, is also making an appearance as a resident airship expert.

This game established the Moogles as useful in combat for more than being a summoned creature, and made them skillful fighters who could wield a firearm so that they could wield the magic of time. Adding Moogles to your party has always been a good idea, and the game makes them interesting and enjoyable characters.

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