Which Final Fantasy character would you be, based on the zodiac sign?

the Final Fantasy the games have been popular since the first installment was released in 1987. Since then, fourteen other mainline titles have been released, along with a number of spin-off games on various platforms. The games follow different characters and scenarios, which means the Final Fantasy The franchise has no shortage of interesting characters that have been loved by fans for years.

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These characters have rich and interesting backgrounds and unique personalities, and fans can pick their favorite based on their storyline or personality type. Twelve characters align so well with a zodiac sign that players can determine which character they might relate to the most based on their own sign.


Aries – Zidane

Final Fantasy 9 Zidane's Dual Blades

An Aries personality is bold and competitive. They tend to be playful, energetic, and ready to dive headfirst into any task. This can often lead them to find themselves in complicated situations from which it is not always easy to get out.

Zidane is fun and flirtatious. He embodies an Aries personality with his think-first attitude. This ultimately serves him well as it leads him to find love and heroism, but there’s no doubt that it has given him some trouble as well.

Taurus – Cloud

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Fan Medley

A Taurus is reliable and protective. They will always come out on top for the people they care about and will sacrifice everything to keep the ones they love safe. They also tend to be stubborn and intransigent, making them a difficult person to reason with or convince against their own beliefs.

Cloud is a fan favorite and one of the most likable characters in Final Fantasy VII. He is stoic and reserved but very far from insensitive. He cares so much about his party members that he would give anything to protect them. Unfortunately, it does not always succeed.

Gemini – Terra

Terra Branford in Final Fantasy

Geminis are known to be affectionate and curious. However, their sign being the twin, they often have a side of themselves that contradicts the first. This can make them slightly inconsistent and indecisive.

Terra begins her game with no memory of her past. She doesn’t know who she is and is constantly worried about her own morals before what she remembers. Eventually, she regains her memories and chooses a side in the conflict, becoming more confident. However, her two contradictory sides will always be part of her.

Cancer – Grain

Final Fantasy Burst

Cancer personalities are loyal but tend to struggle with their own emotional expression. They can be moody and pessimistic, which makes them suspicious of the people around them. Once they establish a relationship with someone, however, it’s rock solid.

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Squall is introverted and wary of any relationship. He lost his family before he could get to know them, which affected his ability to comfortably relate to people. However, he is mostly good-natured and easily lands leadership positions, albeit somewhat against his wishes.

Leo – Tidus

Tidus in Final Fantasy

Leos are passionate, talented, and cheerful. However, their effortless skill at virtually anything they attempt often causes them to be arrogant and slightly self-centered.

Tidus comes from Final Fantasy X, which is one of the best core games for beginners. He is a talented athlete who lives at the center of his own universe. He starts off as extremely arrogant and self-centered, but when his world crumbles around him, he must step out of his own naive worldview to help save everyone. This warm passion, with a touch of arrogance, is exactly what makes him a perfect Leo.

Virgin – Bugenhagen

Bugenhagen Final Fantasy

Virgos are intelligent and analytical. They are always in search of knowledge and care a lot about their work. This can sometimes cause them to put work and duty above themselves or the people around them.

Bugenhagen is the one who launches Cloud and his team on their quest. He cares deeply about the salvation of mankind and relies heavily on gaining knowledge to succeed in it. He is wise and compassionate, making him an excellent confidant for those seeking guidance.

Libra – Noctis

Noctis in Final Fantasy XV

Libras are diplomatic and impartial, which makes them great leaders. They recognize responsibility for making decisions and are extremely passionate about ensuring that people receive the care and justice that is their due.

Noctis is one of the best characters introduced after Final Fantasy VII. He grew up watching his father rule as king and has great respect for that role. It recognizes the need for good government. However, his understanding and respect for the role also made him indecisive and nervous about taking the throne himself. This caution makes him uniquely capable of leading and the perfect example of a Libra.

Scorpio – Vincent

Vincent Valentine Final Fantasy

Scorpios tend to straddle the barrier between good and evil. They have a great capacity for evil, being generally powerful and passionate. However, these same qualities can make them a force for good.

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Vincent is quiet and suspicious, but it becomes clear that in his heart he cares deeply and will willingly sacrifice himself for others. He has a past that he will endlessly seek forgiveness for, so he uses his great power and skill to create a better world.

Sagittarius – Aerith

Aerith Final Fantasy 7 Remake

A Sagittarius personality will generally be idealistic, playful, and adventurous. They are eternal optimists who will always maintain a good sense of humor and do their best to uplift the people they care about.

Aerith is upbeat and cheerful, making her the perfect contrast to Cloud. She always tries to see the good in people, which allows her to connect with those who aren’t always so comfortable sharing their feelings. In classic Sagittarius fashion, she always expects a lot from herself and will always be by her team’s side until the end.

Capricorn – Tifa

Tifa from Final Fantasy VII looks away with a small smile

A Capricorn is responsible and strong. They are natural leaders and will often serve as the voice of reason within a group. They tend to be good-natured and well-mannered, full of compassion and concern for the people around them.

Tifa was Cloud’s childhood friend and the reason he joined Avalanche. She is shy and empathetic, but she will always give her advice and encouragement when her team needs it. She is very weighted, which is a great balance for those who tend to be more spontaneous.

Aquarius – Yuna

Yuna in a Final Fantasy game

An Aquarius is generally a progressive humanitarian. They care about the development and well-being of all and will often be passionate about their mission and goals.

Yuna is one of the best female characters in Final Fantasy. She is extremely dedicated to her cause and cares above all about serving humanity. Although she was originally dedicated to Yevon’s teachings, she was eventually open-minded and ready to think for herself and find her own way.

Pisces – Vivi

Vivi in ​​Final Fantasy IX

A Pisces will generally be intuitive and compassionate, but can also be fearful and gullible. They are sweet and emotional, but due to their tendency to trust the wrong people too much, they often find themselves hurt or in difficult situations.

Vivi is a very confused character about her life and her identity. He is afraid of almost everything and doubts his own magical ability, and he is not confident enough to take risks in order to save the people around him. However, his care and compassion eventually led him to take a few more risks and take responsibility for himself, leading him to depend less on others.

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