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Fans have been expecting a true continuation of Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 for many years. While Final Fantasy 10-2 satisfied some fans, he met a conflicting reception in North America. Many were waiting for a new, more impactful look at Spira and the remaining members of the Yuna and YRP Guardians. Supposedly, another sequel could happen someday, but this hypothetical Final Fantasy 10-3 is nothing more than a proposal from the developers of Square Enix at this time.

According to a statement by Tetsuya Nomura, the basic plot diagram for FF10-3 was written, presumably from the novels and audio dramas that were released in the years after the original play. However, key Square Enix staff have been busy with Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 7 remake, And so Final Fantasy 10-3 is a lower priority. It seems 10-3 is probably about a decade away if Square Enix sticks to its canons and wants specific project management, but there are public details on what the game might entail. There are also a large number of directions Final Fantasy 10-3The story of might go on given how different Square Enix is ​​now than when it made the first two games.

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Final Fantasy 10-2.5 and Final Fantasy 10 -Will-

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To commemorate the release of Final Fantasy 10 / 10-2 HD Remastered, a short story was released in Japan called Final Fantasy 10-2.5 ~ Eien no Daisho, and an audio drama was packed with the remaster called Final Fantasy 10 -Will-. These were both intended to cover the events after Final Fantasy 10-2the secret end of, with 10-2.5 pick up immediately after. Yuna begins to show the newly resurrected Tidus around Besaid, but they are hijacked by a plot involving a number of Summoners and Warkeepers from Zanarkand 1,000 years ago. This novel was poorly received and is infamous for a scene where Tidus throws a bomb disguised as a blitzball, dies, and is immediately brought back to life by an unknown god. Aside from a look at the mainstream religion of 1,000 years ago and getting Yuna to admit her mixed feelings for Tidus, this novel does little to help. FF10the story of.

Final Fantasy 10 -Will- is much more relevant for Final Fantasy 10-3, and can serve as a direct introduction to what the project ever manifests. The audio drama takes place a year after the events of Final Fantasy 10-2 and focuses on newcomers Chuami and Kurgum. Chuami would be the daughter of FF10‘s Auron, but Lulu questions the veracity of that when she hears it. The couple work for the Spiran Council and are sent to meet with Yuna due to a number of bizarre events in Spira, including Sin’s reappearance. After a relationship drama, two groups are formed with Tidus, Chuami, and Lulu about to join Yuna, Kurgum, and Wakka in order to defeat Sin once again.

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Determining the story of Final Fantasy 10-3

There’s a lot to digest without a game to put it all together, but it’s the best of fans when it comes to the potential future of Final Fantasy 10. It seems like Final Fantasy 10-3 could consist of continuing to solve the metaphysical mysteries lurking beneath Spira and dealing with attempted abuses from various parties FF10vague magical systems. Final Fantasy 10 producer Yoshinori Kitase commented that Sin has a similar role in Final Fantasy 10 like Sephiroth in Final fantasy 7, justifying the return of the beast. It is theorized in -Will- that Sin may have been reactivated via a sign due to someone’s wish. Beckoning is a new concept introduced in the news that involves far-plane illusions manifested by a person thinking of someone they know, and -Will- shows that these illusions become more realistic.

Will it stay 10-3 well, guess what, but -Will- Also features new party dynamics, as well as developments in Yuna and Tidus’ relationship. The two had an argument and are now seeing other people. Tidus’ significant other is named, but Yuna is spoken of in a way that suggests she might make it up to make Tidus jealous. Chuami and Kurgum throw an extra key into this, as Kurgam is first in love with Chuami and allows him to abuse his important social position. However, he falls in love with his idol Yuna and ends up leaving Chuami in distress and insecure. This is one of the most complicated love situations Final fantasy saw, and might add some mighty spice to FF10-3the story of.

Final Fantasy 10-3 could stand out from its peers

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It is all the angles that can be exploited from -Will-, but we can do more with Final Fantasy 10-3. Tidus, Yuna, Wakka, and Lulu wouldn’t be the only characters to return on the next trip around Spira. The Spira Council will have some familiar faces drawn from the three competing factions in 10-2, and various other merchants, guards, priests, and travelers from both games are expected to show up from time to time. Of course, Rikku, Kimahri, and Paine will likely hang out in various parts of Spira, with Kimahri leading his tribe and former YRP members doing odd jobs with family and friends.

With the setting up of a plot that includes both personal connections and adventures around the world, Final Fantasy 10-3 looks set to deliver an exciting return to the world of Spira. Fans will likely have to wait over a decade before they can actually play it, but a lot of Final fantasy games will be released in the meantime to entertain them. The question of whether Final Fantasy 10-3 will mark a return to turn-based combat for the series will also need to be answered given Square Enix’s recent push into the action genre. Hopefully the gameplay and story questions will be answered once FF10-3 is confirmed to enter development.

Final Fantasy 10 / 10-2 HD Remastered is now available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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