Where can you buy flower seeds in Final Fantasy XIV?

Fighting bosses and other players can be the core gameplay experience in Final Fantasy XIVbut the role-playing title has a lot more to offer.

Players will have the opportunity to cultivate their garden in FFXIV, and you’ll need to get flower seeds before you can start planting. You will also need planters and if you have everything set up here is where you can find all the flower seeds in FFXIV.

Flower NPC Contact information
Apartments Apartment dealer
Empyrean material supplier (X10.2, Y9.2)
lavender beds material supplier (X11.9, Y8.3)
Haze material supplier (X11, Y11.4)
Shirogan material supplier (X10.5, Y12.1)
The goblet material supplier (X10.9, Y8.9)

Plants are often used for cosmetics. If you want to learn more about plants, you can visit a nearby botanist. If you’re looking to get the most out of your seeds, you’ll also need to take care of your garden. Not monitored FFXIV gardens can lead to the death of seeds and flowers. To avoid this, you should check your garden once a day to make sure everything is going well.

From breeding to producing higher quality seeds, gardening gets more complicated the more you get into it. For a more detailed look at the whole gardening experience in Final Fantasy XIVyou can check out this Wiki page.

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