What to expect from the Spelljammer Collection

When people think of Dungeons & Dragons, they usually think of high fantasy world settings with dragons, kingdoms and castles, but there’s so much more to explore than that. With multiple planes of existence as potential campaign settings, players can go anywhere they can imagine, including the stars.

Originally introduced in D&D second editionWizards of the Coast is finally releasing the reimagined game Spelljammer: Adventures in Space collection for the fifth edition in August 2022. Presenting players with an all-new means of interplanar travel, daring adventurers will finally be able to board magical vessels known as Spelljammers and set out into the Astral Sea and beyond. Adding a science-fantasy side to the game, this three-book collection will introduce new races, monsters and settings – and much more.

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What’s included in the Spelljammer: Adventures In Space collection?

The next Spelljammer: Adventures in Space will include everything Dungeon Masters and players need to launch exciting space adventures. With three 64-page books, a double-sided poster map of Bral Rock, and a DM screen that sets the tone for the eerie and mysterious setting, the collection is packed with information on new character races, monsters, magic and ship details for players ready to step through the veil and into the Astral Sea.

The Astral Adventurers Guide, designed for players and DMs, contains details on decks and ship constructions, spells and magic items, and new character races and subclasses. In Astral Menagerie BoosDMs will find a plethora of intriguing new monsters. Light of Xarxis features a full campaign adventure for level 5-8 players that consists of 12 cliffhanging episodes that culminate in a thrilling conclusion.

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What Players Can Expect From Adventures in Spelljammer

It’s no secret that the Astral Sea is an unnerving place to visit. This is an area where the actions one takes are often the result of one’s thoughts. For example, time works differently here, and movement speed is calculated by a creature’s intellect, not physical prowess. The smarter a creature is, the faster it is able to control its movements and actions. Navigating a ship through such a place would require an intense amount of intelligence and psionic energy combined, so the adventures will take on a whole new tone.

In such a strange realm, which has often been called the graveyard of the gods, there is an abundance of strange creatures and monsters. Players will be able to create characters from six new races: Astral Elves, Autognomes, Hadozee, Giffs, Plasmoids, and Thri-Kreen. They’ll also encounter a number of terrifying new monsters, like murderous comets, cosmic horrors, giant space hamsters, space clowns, vampires, and solar and moon dragons.

How to Prepare for Spelljammer: Adventures in the Astral Sea

Although the collection won’t be released until August 16, players and DMs will be able to jump into spell scrambler a month earlier with Spelljammer Academy. A free prequel adventure coming out in July, Spelljammer Academy will be available to anyone with a WotC and D&D Beyond account. No details have yet been announced, but from the sounds of it, players will likely be introduced to the fundamentals needed to navigate the magical ships known as Spelljammers, and possibly be given the initial objective that will launch the group into the Light of Xarxis adventure.

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