What Mass Effect’s Tali Would Have Done If She Had Never Met Shepard

It is safe to say that every teammate listed in the Mass Effect The trilogy undergoes a significant change thanks to the involvement of Commander Shepard, and Tali is no exception, given how much her life would change if she had never met Shepard. Throughout BioWare’s role-playing epic, Shepard is at the center of the events of the series, having a significant influence on their companions and other characters as the story progresses. As one of the most popular characters in Mass Effect Legendary EditionTali’s development across all three games is a fan favorite story for many, but much would never have happened without Shepard’s involvement. Where exactly would Tali be if she had never met Shepard and joined the Normandy crew?

Tali is one of only two teammates to follow all three games, the other being the Mass Effect his equally popular Turian teammate, Garrus. She starts off as a young mechanical genius, just starting her migrant fleet pilgrimage and looking for a way to help her people. At time Mass effect 3, she became an Admiral – assuming, of course, that players succeeded in her loyalty mission in Mass effect 2 – and even help save his people from complete annihilation by the Reapers. There are also several different romances that Tali can pursue throughout the series, which gives it more depth than many other more minor characters.

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Of course, very little about Tali’s story is set in stone, given that much of the narrative in Mass Effect revolves around player choices. There are many points throughout the series where Tali may not survive at all if players fail to successfully assist him, and his title and status among the Quarians may change severely depending on the results. Tali’s mission of loyalty in Mass effect 2. To that end, there are many possible points of convergence when imagining a universe in which Tali has never met Commander Shepard.

Where could Tali from Mass Effect 1 have ended up?

What Mass Effect's Tali Would Have Done If She Had Never Met Shepard ME1 Shadow Broker Geth

When players first meet Tali in Mass effect 1, they are informed that she has crucial information that could prove that Saren is a traitor to the council. She arranges a meeting through Fist, an agent of the Shadow Broker, who sells her to Saren’s men. Shepard helps her save her from the assassins who are trying to retrieve the information.

Tali is unlikely to have died here without Shepard’s involvement. She has a variety of technological abilities up her sleeves and is perfectly capable of getting by in combat. She says it herself, and the rest of the Mass Effect the series only proves it if players bring Tali as a companion in Mass Effect fight. That said, it is not certain that Tali would have succeeded in presenting her evidence to the council had she not crossed paths with Shepard. Instead, she probably would have found another way to sell the information to the Shadow Broker.

Tali could still be on a pilgrimage

What Mass Effect's Tali Would Have Done If She Had Never Met Shepard's Pilgrimage

When Tali is first introduced to the Normandy’s crew, she is also still on a pilgrimage, a Quarian rite of passage that marks their transition to adulthood. The pilgrimage demands that they bring back something that can be of use to the migrant fleet and to the greater good of the Quarian species. In Mass effect 1, Shepard has the opportunity to present Tali with a copy of the Alliance data related to the Geth retrieved from a Geth base. If they do, Tali will present this to the fleet probably between the events of Mass effect 1 and ME2 make a success of his pilgrimage.

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If Shepard doesn’t give Tali the data, possibly because players think it’s too confidential to offer it to her, Tali chooses to leave the Norman crew as soon as the mission against Saren is over, continuing her travels on her own. looking for something of equal value to give to his people. In a universe where Tali never meets Shepard, this is probably where she would still be for much of Mass effect 1 and even in the events of Mass effect 2.

Tali would probably have been exiled without Shepard

What Mass Effect's Tali Would Have Done If She Had Never Met Shepard ME2 Exile Loyalty

In Mass effect 2, Tali’s efforts aboard the Normandy and the results of her pilgrimage have earned her some respect aboard the Migrant Fleet. The data. It is not certain that Tali would have gotten any of these positions if she had never met Shepard. Even if she had, her crew on the planet Haestrom could very well have died under her command without Shepard intervening and helping.

But there are plenty of other potential nuances to how Tali’s story might change. Later in Mass effect 2, Tali’s loyalty is called into question and she is accused of treason by the Admiralty Council. Her title is changed to reflect her status as a member of the Normandy crew, and Shepard is asked to represent her at her trial. If Tali had never met Shepard, it’s unclear how her title would have been changed and who, if anything, would have helped her during her trial. She may have been left on her own, and after finding out the truth that her father was re-enabling Tali’s geth parts, she may have had to reveal her guilt to the board in order to stay on board the fleet of migrants. Otherwise, Tali could very well have been exiled entirely.

However, Mass effect 3 proves that this is not necessarily the end of Tali’s story. The admiralty council brings him in secret to help in the fight against the Geth to recapture Rannoch. It is not certain, however, that Tali’s expertise in this area would have been recognized without Shepard’s involvement. One thing is certain: without Shepard, peace between the Get and the Quarians would probably never have been achieved, and Tali could very well have died either in the fight to reclaim his planet or during the invasion of Rannoch by the Reapers that followed. Mass effect 3.

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Tali’s romances only happen because of Shepard

Tali is a romantic option for a male Shepard in both Mass effect 2 and Mass effect 3, and she’s arguably one of the most popular choices in the series. Additionally, while Tali and Garrus aren’t in love, the two seemingly end up together during the events of Mass effect 3. However, a Tali who never meets Shepard would probably never meet Garrus, meaning that anyway, Tali probably wouldn’t have found any romance at all on her pilgrimage if she had never joined the Normandy’s crew. . Perhaps she could one day have settled on the migrant fleet, but she would never have known the unique mark of Mass effect 3 the interspecies dynamic and romance she was able to develop within Shepard’s team.

Overall, much of Tali’s status among her people stems from her role as a member of Shepard’s crew and being tasked with helping save the galaxy from the Reaper invasion in many times. While a Tali who never met Shepard might have become quite an expert on geths, she probably would never have reached the high ranks she occupies in the Mass Effect actual trilogy. It shows how drastically the events of his life have been altered by his chance meeting with Commander Shepard, as well as the number of timelines that can emerge in a game that focuses as much on decisions as it does. Mass Effect Is.

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