What does a tail table do in Minecraft? Answered


A guide that reveals what a fletching table does in Minecraft.

The purpose of certain objects and blocks in Minecraft is not immediately known. Much of the game is understood through personal discovery, which is understandable given that Minecraft is all about trial and error and survival. The block has players scratching their heads are tail tables, as everyone wants to know What does a Fletching Table do in Minecraft? Here’s what it’s for.

What does a tail table do in Minecraft?

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Essentially, Minecraft’s Fletching Table serves one purpose: to provide jobs for lazy, unemployed villagers. Villagers assigned to a fletching table will become fletchers. Villagers will do this themselves, although they can also claim tail tables if there aren’t enough yards elsewhere.

That said, the Fletching Table isn’t just some sort of role-playing block; he is doing you a favor. Unlike a crafting table, fletching tables are not used for crafting, but rather for trading. If you talk to a fletcher at a fletching table, he will trade you ranged items, such as:

  • Emeralds
  • The sticks
  • String of characters
  • feathers
  • Tripwire Hooks
  • Arrows
  • Bows
  • crossbows
  • enchanted bows
  • Enchanted Crossbows

The available items are great for new games, especially for getting emeralds, which are great for crafting powerful beacons. So if you come across a village that doesn’t have a tail table, you should definitely craft one using two flints and four planks (of any type).

Now you know what a fletching table does in minecraft. For answers to other questions and guides, read how to create a secret door or find out what SMP means in Minecraft.

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