Weird West Nimp Relic: What Do Nimp Relics Do?

the Weird West Nimp Relics gives you the ability to enhance your character with skills, so you have more methods to cause mayhem during combat. Weird West sees you play as five unique characters across a series of episodes, each offering different abilities and role-playing opportunities. So if you need a breakdown of how the Weird West Nimp Relics work and how to get them, we’ve got you covered.

Weird West Nimp Relic: What is it?

the Weird West Nimp Relics are an item you can use to gain abilities for your characters and weapons. Each type of weapon in the game has a series of skills, while each character has four abilities unique to them, each of which costs one or two Nimp Relics to acquire. They look like small bone necklaces as they are carved from the flesh of ancient creatures and give off an unmistakable purple glow. They will be essential in making your characters more powerful and giving them potential usefulness in a number of situations.

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Weird West Nimp Relic: How do you get them?

Nimp Relics can be found across the world, they are usually a reward for exploring the different environments in the game. You will often find them in hidden chests, behind locked doors, in secret areas, at the end of dungeons, And much more. Sometimes they can also be earned as a reward for completing a side quest or objective, so there are tons of ways to earn them and gain power. It’s also worth noting that when you change episodes, the previous character will keep any unused Nimp relics in their inventory, so you can go get them as well by having them join your party, or by killing them and looting their bodies.

This is our breakdown of the Weird West Nimp Relics, and now you know what they are for, as well as where you can get them in the game.

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