WATCH: Final Fantasy 14 director breaks down and reveals composer’s secret battle with cancer

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people around the world have been confined to their homes for months. As a result, meeting friends and family members has become a distant possibility. Final Fantasy 14 composer Masayoshi Soken is no exception, having had to fight cancer secretly last year.


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2020 was a huge challenge for the gaming industry. Developers had to work from home, which caused a plethora of games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Halo Infinite to be delayed. While many have understood the plight of developers, others have often raged against them.

However, Masayoshi Soken’s story is enough to prove just how much some developers in the industry have literally devoted their lives to their work.


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Final Fantasy 14 songwriter Masayoshi Soken kept his battle with cancer a secret

Final Fantasy 14 recently hosted the highly anticipated digital fan fest that featured multiple peaks and valleys. From huge game reveals to dancing developers, the event was full of memorable moments.

That said, the biggest highlight of the digital fan festival was Masayoshi Soken. The songwriter revealed that he was battling cancer on his own in 2020, while actively working on the game. He didn’t let the development team know about the same and wanted to do his best for the fans.

Yoshi P, director of Final Fantasy 14 and close friend of Soken, also opened up on the subject during the event. He revealed that his friends and family could not visit Soken due to the pandemic and shed tears as soon as he saw him on stage.

“He kept telling us not to tell the dev team. Even though he was in so much pain and because of the coronavirus pandemic, no one could see him. Why is he working so hard? Soken told us it’s because the players, the players are waiting for him. That’s why we have to do it. And the best medicine to cure my cancer is, you know, cheering fans! said Yoshi P.

Here is an article on r / LivestreamFail which reflected the recent statements of Yoshi P:

Endwalker Expansion Coming November 23

Hydaelyn and Zodiark’s story arc comes to an end with the Endwalker expansion in Final Fantasy 14. There will be new areas and towns to explore, new jobs to play and of course, new enemies to defeat. .


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At the last fan festival, here are the announcements for Endwalker:

  • New Jobs: Reaper
  • New Towns: Old Sharlayan
  • Travel to vast new regions including Labyrinthose and Mare Lamentorum
  • New tribes to meet: the Loporrits
  • New Threats to Overcome: The Magus Sisters
  • A New Alliance Raid Series: Myths of the Realm


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This is going to be a huge update for Final Fantasy 14 and will certainly dictate the future of the game. The dev team’s dedication to releasing new content amid nationwide lockdowns and restrictions is commendable, c to say the least.

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