Wangjing Panda statue gets a cyberpunk-inspired facelift

If you’ve walked between Wangjing South Station of Line 14 and 798, you’ve probably noticed an interesting sight: a statue in the middle of a roundabout depicting a panda and a baby panda munching on bamboo. If you didn’t have a chance to catch it, however, that chance is now lost, as the statue has received some sort of upgrade.

And this upgrade is decidedly inspired by science fiction.

Meet what we would like to call the Panda Mech – a large giant panda in a large giant mech costume exoskeleton type thing.

This guy replaced the other panda statue because, well, the other one was too old, according to city engineers. Built in 2012, the old pandas were showing signs of aging and decay, but rather than bother to refurbish them, the city decided to replace them completely.

The Panda Mech was designed by artist Bi Heng (毕 横), and it appears to be a smaller version of other panda mech statues – one at the Beijing Exhibition Center and another in Jinan, China. Shandong (who has also made appearances in other places around the country).

However, these are not the only mechanical parts Bi has designed. The artist also designed a mechanical bull that honored Sanlitun Taikooli around Chinese New Year this year.

Prior to that, the artist unveiled a giant mechanical swimming dragon at Galaxy SOHO, along with a mechanical version of the Monkey King and a Transformers-inspired version of Guan Yu.

Despite the impressive mechanized pedigree behind the Panda Mech, a few netizens have noticed a minor difference with the Wangjing version – unlike his two siblings at Expo Park and Jinan, this one has what appears to be a wifi symbol on his chest. instead of a yin -yang.

The difference has led to many Chinese internet jokes, with some netizens wondering if they would get free wifi if they stood close enough to the new statue.

Have you ever visited the Panda Mech? What do you think of this statue upgrade for Wangjing? Let us know in the comments!

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Images: Sina Weibo (@ SanjoeMok_8K039, @ 海 海 眼花, @ 芭莎 艺术 in, @ 毕 横), China Daily

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