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Game music icon TheFatRat, known for her huge online following of over 5.6 million YouTube subscribers and hugely popular songs like “Unity”, “Monody” and “Fly Away” which have over 800 Million Streams Combined, Has Finally Released Their Long-awaited Debut Album PARALLAX.

TheFatRat said about making the PARALLAX album, “I have collected hundreds of ideas for instrumental pieces over several years and have used the last nine months to take the best ones and refine them. Then I invited some of my favorite singers and writers like Anjulie, Cecilia Gault and Riell for sessions. Due to the pandemic it was not possible to transport them to Germany so my family and I traveled to Dubai and asked them to join us. It was great living in the same place because it’s less pressure when you write. Usually in a session I often feel like I have to finish a song 100% right away because after the session is over, it’s not that easy to go back to the studio with the author or singer. . But since we lived in the same house for weeks, it was much more relaxed. We could switch between songs and rewrite ideas the next day. “

TheFatRat is celebrating the release of their amazing album by joining us for our Game Time feature. It delves into a range of questions on gaming-related topics. Read below and explore TheFatRats’ gaming history!

What is your favorite console, current or past?

Super NES. Certainly the one with whom I have the best memories. When it came out and I first played Super Mario World, it just blew me away.

What’s your favorite game soundtrack?

It’s hard ! There are so many good ones, but my top three are Skyrim, Super Mario World, and Minecraft.

Do you follow pro-gamers and which esports teams do you follow?

I have a few friends who work for E-Sports teams but I don’t feel attached to a particular team.

What music do you listen to while playing?

In fact, a lot of my own music. But also producers and actors like JJD, Geoplex and K / DA. I have a public Spotify playlist called “Ultimate game music”Besides that I often put on when I play competitive games.

What’s the first video game you remember playing? Which device / console?

The first one I played was Tetris on Game Boy. But only because it was in the packaging. The first game I bought was Super Mario Land. I still love him.

Do you watch game streamers / youtubers?

Yes, I love watching Super Mario Maker 2 Let’s Play. Watching a talented player play on a creative level is so much fun. Some of my favorites are DGR, Ryukahr, and Grand Poo Bear.

What do you think will be the biggest breakthrough in the game in the future?

In my opinion, only a fraction of the potential of virtual reality has been realized so far. It’s only a matter of time until we have massive VR multiplayer worlds with their own economy. Similar to how it is described Ready Player One.

Which game do you think you are the best at overall?

I haven’t played R6S in a while but I’m a half decent player when I play regularly.

If you were to live in the world of the last game you played, what would it be?

Mario Golf Super Rush. I’m not sure if playing golf for the rest of my life would be my thing, but at least it’s not Resident Evil.

What game soundtrack would you like to have your music in?

Either a Super Mario game or the new Elder Scrolls.

What are the next game releases that you are most passionate about?

I have been a Warhammer fan for over 20 years and have been playing Total War since the first Shogun so I look forward to Total War: Warhammer III

What are your top 3 games and why?

– Rainbow Six Siege. Of all the competitive games, first person shooters are the ones I’m pretty good at. I really like the strategic aspect of R6S and the way it rewards team play.

– Super Mario Odyssey. I love it so much that I collected all 999 moons to get the most fun out of it.

– Cyberpunk 2077. I understand that people on current gen consoles were very frustrated with the buggy version, but on PC it’s a fantastic game. Incredibly immersive and a true work of art.

Console or PC?

For me it’s PC because I grew up on it. Playing FPS with a controller would just be impossible for me.

What are you playing at the moment?

I haven’t played a lot in the last few months because the album has really kept me busy. But when I spent time with my daughter, we played Super Mario 3D World and recently Mario Golf Super Rush. Now that the album is finished, I want to go back to R6S.

TheFatRat’s latest album PARALLAX has arrived, listen below!


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