Video interview with Mike Berlucchi (director of photography ‘Mythic Quest’)


“The scale of everything has grown”, exclaims Mike Berlucchi to return for the second season of “Mythic Quest”. For our recent exclusive interview, he continues: “The scripts have gotten more ambitious and our schedule has remained tight. It was still very fast. It was one of the biggest challenges. Watch the video above.

“Mythic Quest” is an Apple TV + comedy about the team developing a multiplayer video game of the same name. The show portrays office rivalries, simulated environments, and sometimes even fantastic settings. The second season has Poppy (Charlotte nicado) adapt to lead the team alongside Ian (co-creator of the series Rob McElhenney).

Berlucci is the director of photography for the series and reveals with his work: “It’s not about setting hard and fast rules. The fact that we have all these different worlds that we dive into gives the whole team a lot of freedom to have fun. He wonders’ what will be the most interesting approach for this particular scene? Is this entire episode going to be handheld and sunny? Or is it a very dramatic emotional scene? It’s so much fun as a cinematographer because every scenario is different and every scene is different. It just gives a lot of freedom.

A special episode was released ahead of the official season two premiere titled “ Everlight, ” where a fantasy role-playing game took control of the desktop. It culminates in a battle where offices turn into an enchanted forest. Berlucci describes: “It was the hardest thing. It was supposed to take place in a real forest overnight for this fantastic fight streak. We ended up doing it in a scene with 15 foot high ceilings. It made every shot difficult. It was the light that transformed this enclosure from a standard office into a somewhat believable forest. We used the ultraviolet light to create all that depth in the deep bottom, and let the midfield fall into darkness, and we lit these figures with the strong moonlight. The light has added that extra layer on top. “

However, the cinematographer admits that the craziest thing to shoot was: “Rob McElhenny drinking milk shirtless in Poppy’s dream sequence for the premiere.”

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