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NOTo No matter how much first person shooter games grow, change and evolve, the adrenaline-fueled simplicity of the action that defined classics such as LOSS and earthquake will never go out of style, which is why modern headlines that swear by these design philosophies are always attractive propositions. The next shooter from indie team Trigger Happy Interactive Powerful turbo promises exactly that, against the backdrop of a vibrant cyberpunk environment, with the bells and whistles you would want in a modern shooter. It’s a suit that has a ton of potential, as you can imagine, and to learn more about the game and its evolution, we recently reached out to its developers with some of our questions about it. Below you can read our conversation with Sam Prebble, Founder of Trigger Happy Interactive and Lead Developer of Powerful turbo.

“The fight in Powerful turbo is extremely frenzied, sometimes even turning into hell when dodging incoming projectiles. “

Powerful turbo quotes classic shooters like LOSS and earthquake like his inspirations, but can you tell us a little more about it? What is the main way the game is inspired by the classics?

It is above all simplicity. All that mattered back then was making guns fun to shoot and enemies fun to splash. I wanted to take this formula from the games I grew up on and imbue it with modern game mechanics that I love. My experience is mainly in creating maps for misfortune 2, since I’m 6. I have always appreciated the open level design of Loss and Duke Nukem, as well as the abstract level design of earthquake. All that really mattered was having an amazing gameplay loop combined with amazing level design. This is what I hope to reproduce with Turbo Overkill.

The Hero Time mechanic sounds like an interesting concept, especially for a shooter who puts so much emphasis on fast-paced action. Can you talk about the impact this will have on the fight, or maybe even on the crossing?

The fight in Powerful turbo is extremely frenzied, sometimes even turning into hell when dodging incoming projectiles. Hero Time gives players more room to think about their next move, like a brief relief from the chaos unfolding in front of them. It’s also very satisfying to see blood and debris flying all over the place at half speed.

Given that Powerful turbo will also allow players to run and run on walls, does that mean the game will also focus on parkour and crossing? Or are these movements primarily used for combat purposes?

Much of the level design is extremely vertical, which challenges players to use a chain of mechanics to traverse. Some sections of the platform have jumps linked to wall races, followed by a race in another wall race, all before rushing straight into an elevated combat arena full of thugs. The movements are quite fluid between the crossing and the fight. Dashing can obviously be used as a way to dodge projectiles, while wall-running can be used to reach the other side of a combat arena. Some weapons also offer traversal options outside of combat. For example, the alternate fire of the Waster Shotgun triggers an explosive plasma explosion. Players can use the splash damage not only to slap nearby enemies, but also as a rocket-propelled jump to reach a higher vantage point (or even a secret area between battle arenas).

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“Much of the level design is extremely vertical, which challenges players to use a chain of mechanisms to traverse. Some sections of the platform have wall-race-related jumps followed by a run. in another wall race, all before jumping straight into a raised battle arena full of thugs. “

Turbo Overkill’s the cyberpunk setting definitely catches the eye, in part because there hasn’t really been a lot of it LOSS-style fast shooters in this frame. How? ‘Or’ What Powerful turbo to take advantage of its cyberpunk world for gameplay purposes?

One of the great gameplay features in Turbo are increases that the player unlocks during the campaign. These include grappling hooks, arm-mounted micro-missile launchers, and chainsaw leg, to name a few. I felt the cyberpunk framework suited these and many other mechanics perfectly. We’re throwing some pretty crazy stuff into this game.

What should players expect from in-game weapons when it comes to variety and design?

Each weapon has an alternate fire mode. The pistols can target multiple enemies for instant headshot, the Boomer Shotgun can fire grenades, and the Twincendiary Minigun transforms into a flamethrower. Each weapon has a use, as well as advantages and disadvantages against certain types of enemies. Some can even be used to extend the player’s passage, like the Telefragger Sniper Rifle, which can target a distant enemy and teleport the player inside, blowing them up in a downpour of gibs.

The chainsaw foot is a fairly unique concept that you don’t see very often. How did this idea come about and how is it implemented in gameplay?

When I started prototyping Powerful turbo, I played a lot of Apex Legends. I really enjoyed the glide and swing mechanics of this game and knew I had to implement it somehow in my prototype. Then I said, “Hey, that should hurt the goons as I slip in,” and the rest was history. Naturally, the idea of ​​going down the path of cyberpunk arose from there.

Mechanically, the chainsaw leg (nicknamed Chegg’s) works like a glorified slide mechanic. Going down slopes will greatly increase the player’s speed, and the faster the player moves, the more damage the chainsaw leg deals with enemies. Players can also activate the leg mid-jump, providing an aerial boost.

Do you have plans for cooperative or multiplayer modes?

Powerful turbo will come with cooperative and deathmatch modes. Slipping into other players with the chainsaw leg was too much fun to be left out.

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“We’re aiming for 7-9 hours, but there are a ton of secrets to uncover that will bring players back for repeat games.”

Approximately how long will an average part of Powerful turbo to be?

We’re aiming for 7-9 hours, but there are a ton of secrets to uncover that will bring players back for repeat games. One of the secrets that gamers can find are the tapes. If the player finds all 3 of them in a single level, they will unlock a secret sticker level. These small sections range from platform puzzles to horde arenas and even remixed areas of the main campaign levels.

The PS5 has an incredibly fast SSD with 5.5 GB / s raw bandwidth. How can developers take advantage of it, and how does it compare to the Xbox Series X’s 2.4Gb / s raw bandwidth?

It will be interesting to see what the developers do with Unreal Engine 5 and Nanite. I imagine the developers are going to push this thing to its limit with this generation of consoles, and with the file size of some of the meshes I’ve seen put in this thing… We definitely need the faster drives in this generation. . But I haven’t had time to familiarize myself with the finer differences between the read speeds of next-gen SSDs.

The Xbox Series S has less hardware than the Xbox Series and Microsoft offers it as a 1440p / 60fps console. Do you think it will be able to withstand graphically intensive next-gen games?

I’ve always preferred smoother frame rates over resolution. My home setup is a 240hz at 1440p monitor and it’s a pleasure to play on it! You can still have visually impressive next-gen games at 1440p.

What frame rate and resolution will the game target on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S?

We are currently aiming for 4k and 60FPS for PS5 and Xbox.

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