Toxoids DLC and Fornax Update, Explained

Since its launch in 2016, Stellaris introduced new playable species that help define interstellar empires. This list includes plantoids, humanoids, synthetics, aquatics, necroids, and the latest addition: toxoids. The game’s latest species pack adds a species that can survive on a toxic planet that is otherwise uninhabitable for most other species types. This DLC also comes with a free update called 3.5 “Fornax”, which, as Toxoidsadds plenty of role-playing possibilities, interesting stories and even bigger challenges.

Many of the new Civics, Traits, and Origins for Toxoids emphasizes rapidly increasing your population and abilities for short-term gains, at the long-term cost of their health as well as all colony worlds. Not all mutations are guaranteed to benefit your species; they can also sometimes cause long-lasting debuffs. As they say, a candle that burns twice as intensely will burn out twice as quickly.

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What the Toxoid Species Pack adds to Stellaris

The Knights of the Toxic God Origin begins with an empire whose homeworld was visited long ago by a toxic god-like entity. This caused an ecological disaster, resulting in many more district blockers and fewer pops when starting the game. It also starts with a unique knightly order dedicated to finding where the toxic entity has gone and if it can help or hinder their goal expansion across the cosmos. These Knight jobs for pops can produce additional research to develop technologies, as well as a considerable amount of unity. Depending on the completion of the Origin quest, Empires may receive a unique and powerful Colossus-class ship.

Meanwhile, the Reverse Origin begins with an empire whose species can acquire a large number of beneficial traits for their population through mutation and experimentation. However, these traits will be acquired at the expense of your species’ lifespan, meaning leaders will die more frequently. An empire with such a population could still conquer much of the galaxy, but they might not be around long enough to enjoy it.

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What the 3.5 “Fornax” update of Stellaris changes

As for the most recent Stellaris updates, the developers have made the non-player empires AI logic less buggy, providing a greater challenge. Additionally, overall game performance has been improved to be smoother and experience significantly less late-game lag. While not the focus of this update, it’s always good to see these types of improvements.

New unique systems with archaeological sites and anomalies have also been added and can be discovered throughout the galaxy. Improvements have been made to the UI tab, which now has megastructures appearing in outline, and will indicate whether starbases or other structures can be upgraded. A favorite for role-playing games, the culture worker job is back and will now have assigned pops working in monumental buildings. These will provide Unity and increase the appeal of Ethics to the rest of your planet’s population at the expense of consumer goods.

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Many existing relics are being rebalanced, with changes to their passive and active effects. This is intended to make their continued use throughout the game an effective advantage for your Empire. However, this also means that some of the most powerful relics have had their most useful effects removed. The Cybrex Warforge, for example, will no longer increase an Empire’s alloy production by 5%.

those who played Stellaris since launch, have likely defeated one of the three Endgame Crises threats to the galaxy, or possibly all three. Without the use of mods, however, it was only possible for one of them to appear in each game session. This update offers new settings allowing all three crises to occur in the galaxy in an order consecutive. Once one Crisis Force has been defeated, another may appear, each 1.5 times stronger than the last, creating the ultimate struggle to survive in a hostile galaxy.

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