Top 5 Indian GTA 5 RP servers in October 2021

Role-playing has never been a popular genre in India. However, the growing popularity of GTA 5 RP has spread to India, with American servers such as NoPixel, Mafia City, and Eclipse being popular.

In India, GTA has always been a popular choice for single player games. Gamers and streamers alike are heating up with the idea of ​​role-playing as the anticipation surrounding GTA 5 RP grows. This practice has also caught the attention of a few Indian broadcasters, who have started broadcasting on Indian GTA 5 RP servers in Hindi to delight their audiences.

Below is a list of top 5 Indian GTA 5 RP servers.

Best Indian GTA RP servers in October 2021

5) Indian Role Playing Server (IRPS)

While this server isn’t as big as the others on this list, it does have a large community with over 2.4k users.

While IRPS has yet to host any well-known Streamers or YouTubers, the server admins are doing their best to make sure everyone is having a good time.

This is perfect for new RP players who want to learn the ropes without being insulted or kicked out for breaking the rules. Mods are more tolerant of regulation and willing to forgive faults since the server is small.

4) Legacy RP India

Legacy RP India is one of the largest servers in India, with over 30,000 members.

Streamers like RakaZone Gaming, SKplz, and Sikhwarrior have used the server. Grief is a lingering issue that players often complain about. The latter lose interest in the role play and frequently interrupt the immersion of the other participants.

3) Exo Life RP

Another popular GTA RP server in India is Exo Life. Shunick founded it in 2020, and it quickly gained ground, with over 10,000 users in October 2021.

RakaZone Gaming, Dynamo Gaming, and Shreeman Legend have all been streamed live on this server.

2) Subversion RP (SVRP)

Subversion RP India is one of the most popular GTA RP servers in India. RakaZone Gaming, Qayzar Gaming, and TbOne are just a few of the well-known Indian streamers who live there. These broadcasters are famous people who are regularly active on the server.

The waiter sets itself apart from others by offering unique jobs such as mining, fishing and poultry farming.

SVRP is one of the oldest GTA 5 RP servers in India, changed to SVRP 2.0 in 2020 to combat DDoS attacks and increase stability. The server is one of the most popular servers in India with the release of SVRP 3.0.

1) Hydra city role play

Hydra Town RP was founded by acclaimed streamer Dynamo Gaming, one of India’s most successful game content creators with 9.84 million YouTube subscribers.

The GTA RP server has over 40,000 users, including well-known streamers like ROCK3T, Logan Gaming, Cosmic YT, and Dynamo itself.

The catch with this server is that it is aimed at a family audience, with character development and role playing as its main features. Therefore, users need to control their language when playing.

Note: The list reflects the views of the author.

What is your favorite Indian GTA RP server? Let us know in the comments below!

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