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After raising over $230,000 from over 2,600 backers, the Tokyo Otherscape The legendary cyberpunk role-playing game’s Kickstarter campaign is now coming to an end and there are less than 60 hours left. Otherscape is a new cyberpunk RPG that combines supernatural powers inspired by mythology and legend. It’s designed by Amit Moshe and Son of Oak Game Studio, the award-winning team that created City of Mist, with art from the manga artist Isago Fukuda and other talented artists.

Tokyo Otherscape

cyberpunk roleplay

“Inspired by Japanese cyberpunk masterpieces like Ghost In The Shell and Akira, :Otherscape will take your party on a rollercoaster ride of shootouts, vehicle chases, cyberspace exploration and cityscapes, clashes between mythology and technology, factional warfare and philosophical questions about the nature of human beings – and how to transcend them.

Assuming the Tokyo Otherscape fundraising campaign successfully reaches its required engagement goal and project completion progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to occur around November 2022. Learn more about the Tokyo Otherscape cyberpunk roleplaying project check out the promo video below. Pre-registration commitments at special price are now available for the interesting project from around $29 or £24 (depending on current exchange rates).

“This campaign will fund the creation of the game’s corebook, Metro:Otherscape, and the first urban setting book, Tokyo:Otherscape, focusing on the megacities of Japan and the Japanese spirits and specters known as Yokai, Kami, Oni , etc. The Tokyo: Otherscape Box Set will contain both books as well as five pregen character folios. If we exceed our funding goal, we will continue to unlock more content and add dice, an MC screen, and cards to the box set. .

“The :Otherscape Codex app will offer a new way to navigate an RPG, turning your playbooks into a living, constantly updated app. You’ll be able to quickly swipe left and right across concepts, scroll down to explore and get examples, watch tutorial videos, read recordings of read-aloud sections of the book, share content with other players, track what you’ve read and what you haven’t yet read, and more.

For a full list of all available campaign pledges, stretch goals, additional media, and tech specs for the cyberpunk roleplaying game, head over to the official Tokyo Otherscape crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below. below.

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