Tips for Roleplaying an Aasimar

The Aasimar of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition are a truly unique race, as they are mortals who were born into the material plane with ties to the Celestials of Mount Celestial. Almost always charismatic, beautiful and determined by nature, they usually fight for the forces of good in the world, destroying all that is evil and protecting the good in the world. Although rare, the birth of an Aasimar is generally considered a great blessing to the community in which they are born. They are considered the opposite of the Tieflings, who are born with the blood of demonic beings running through their veins, though the Aasimar are rarer than their infernal cousins.

As a race, they may seem quite simple to play, but Aasimar characters can have deep and complex stories and lives that make them extremely entertaining and bring a lot of drama and story to a game. Usually torn between two worlds, the Aasimars must make difficult choices in life as they decide which destiny they wish to pursue on a daily basis.

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Celestial guardians are the ultimate divine parents in D&D

Each Aasimar is placed in the world for a purpose, usually by higher beings such as a god, and assigned a celestial guardian to guide them in their lives and tasks. This role is played primarily by angels, but other celestial creatures and even the gods themselves could take on the role, communicating with the Aasimar as they grow and carefully guiding them on a path of good.

This feature opens up a lot of role-playing opportunities, as the player and their dungeon master can work together to figure out who the character’s guardian is, what their relationship is, and how they communicate. Dreams are a common method of communication and can work great in games to convey important information or clues, but other methods such as telepathy or even through mystical visions are also fun ways that open up opportunities. of role play.

Conflicting desires are common for D&D’s Aasimar

Aasimar are usually trained from birth to be forces of good, but they have free will and can choose whether to follow the wishes of their guardians. Even a devout Aasimar will sometimes have doubts when asked to perform certain tasks that conflict with their own morals. For example, the gods may not see why sacrificing a village to destroy an evil lich is a problem, as they see an alien and detached view of the world when focusing on defeating evil at all costs.

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An aasimar’s choices can affect his relationship with his tutor and friends. Major decisions can create dramatic moments for the character and lead to many heavy role-playing moments as he tries to navigate his own morals in difficult situations. The most dramatic choices can even alter the character’s stats and powers.

An Aasimar can fall from Grace

Some Aasimar reject their Heavenly Guardians and their heritage outright, causing them to become Fallen Aasimar. Instead of radiant wings or energy, these Aasimar manifest dark, skeletal wings and an aura of fear, having lost their connection to the Celestial. This change can happen to characters who make the choice to disobey or walk away from their guardians, or some are created when a young Aasimar becomes corrupted by evil during their formative years.

Players may see their character fall from their choices, lose their holy powers, and lose their guardian. However, it is also possible for a fallen Aasimar to redeem themselves and rededicate themselves to the forces of good, perhaps convincing the gods to return their celestial powers and even their guardians. For an Aasimar who fell early in life and didn’t know who he really was, the redemption story can take a long time and lead the character to discover his roots and his true self, ending with the adoption of his legacy.

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Society can be cruel to Aasimar

While not as universally suspicious as their Tiefling cousins, the Aasimar are obviously different from a young age. The ethereal beauty and powers of an Aasimar mark them as otherworldly, which can set them apart and cause some to mistrust them.

This can range from childhood bullying to outright attacks on the character just for being different. The community and character may not even know what they are, leading to a journey of self-discovery. Although considered a blessing and exalted in the community, especially by the religious, an Aasimir will likely feel like an outsider. The character may have led a solitary, sheltered life and discovered more about the world while traveling with the party, marveling at simple things that other characters take for granted.

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Others tend to flock to Aasimiar

Aasimar are generally charismatic individuals, often suited to become bards, sorcerers, paladins, and wizards. They often stand out in larger crowds, drawing people towards them. Depending on the type of game being played, this can be good or bad for the character. They act as beacons of good, standing out in the eyes of evil and attracting them.

Killing an Aasimar is considered a great victory for many evil creatures, as destroying such a good person brings evil much closer to their goals. In some societies, the Aasimar are also prized slaves, for their beauty and for evil forces to amuse themselves with corrupting their inherent goodness. Many Aasimar hide their features under cloaks and hoods for these reasons alone, not wanting to become an easy target.

The Aasimar are versatile, deep, and entertaining characters to play, with great stat advantages and plenty of potential for role-playing and plot development. The most common classes for them are Bards, Sorcerers, Paladins, and Warlocks, though Cleric is also a good choice given their celestial nature. Having an Aasimar in the party creates plenty of role-playing opportunities for everyone at the table, and they make fascinating and entertaining player characters no matter what path the player decides to take with them.

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