This Guy Built His Dream Cyberpunk Corvette From 9 Different Cars. Here’s how he did it

Crawford opted for a 1989 Chevrolet Corvette as the donor car after seeing Roadkill pull the body of one and transform it into a kart. He began the process of kitbashing, or using 3D models of popular cars taken from video games, to create a digital representation of his vision based on early sketches. Eventually he came up with an idea of ​​how to make his vision a reality using nine different cars, PVC fence posts, trash can covers and garden paving stones.

Under the hood, the C4 would retain its original engine; its exterior, however, has had a facelift.

The car’s front bumper is ripped off a BMW i8, but rather than fitting it conventionally, Crawford flipped it over. The front splitter is also reversed, and it’s actually made from the stock C4 bumper after cutting it in half – Crawford said he’s particularly proud of that. And to tie it all together, the headlights of a Hyundai Kona are instead deliberately installed in the front bumper with the fog lights of a Polaris sling mounted on the splitter.

Crawford told me he originally wanted to mount the headlights on the hood, but nothing he put together seemed to work with the profile of the hood. This is partly because the hood and fenders are from a spare parts kit for car by ARbodies which does not use the headlights at all. He did, however, put the mirrors on the hood, while mounting rear-facing cameras on an RC car chassis from a company called Arrma.

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