This gaming PC is the ultimate homage to Blade Runner Cyberpunk

A talented gaming PC modder has created a build that looks like a Cyberpunk city with Blade Runner vibes, and the diorama appears to have futuristic inhabitants inside. If you’re familiar with Ridley Scott’s 1982 classic, or even CD Projekt Red’s controversial RPG, you’ll instantly recognize this platform’s dystopian neighborhood theme, complete with neon signs and strolling citizens.

Created by Martina from YouTube channel NerdForge, the Cyberpunk Blade Runner Gaming PC is actually a carefully crafted case mod. Sidewalks and city streets are riveted to the case using DIY brackets and constructed using painted foam. The methods used in the video are actually popular among cosplay makers, making this rig look like it’s dressed up in town for a convention.

Martina uses layers of dense cardboard to evoke the PC’s ridiculously detailed replica display cases, and the rest is made of other recyclable materials like take-out food containers and aluminum foil. Of course, the build itself looks more like an expensive moving piece than anything odd, especially since it’s detailed with realistic LED-lit windows and signage.

In a video documenting the build, Martina reveals the Cyberpunk PC case is actually a giveaway for another YouTube channel Technical advice Linus, and it took 600 hours to build. After a long trip from Norway to Canada, the block is outfitted with an Nvidia RTX 3090 GPU and a flashy RGB AIO cooler, plus some extra sandblasting to finish off its exterior.

Needless to say, this build is one of the best gaming PC dioramas of all time, and it’s basically an Nvidia RTX-powered piece of art. While the rig is truly one of a kind, it won’t live its life stored with the rest of the YouTube channel’s spare machines, as Linus says it will be auctioned off for charity at their event. LTX Expo. So if you’re a Blade Runner fan with cash to spare, keep your eyes peeled.

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