The Worst Skyrim NPCs The Dragonborn Can Kill

Skyrim is considered one of the greatest fantasy RPGs out there, but it’s not without plenty of cruel, rude, and scary characters that the Dragonborn can happily kill if they choose. There are dozens of NPCs who have summoned the Skyrim the wrath of the community, but only a handful can be killed. Unfortunately, others are deemed essential in the game files and are integral to completing certain questlines.

Skyrim is an open-world fantasy role-playing game where players control a legendary hero known as Dragonborn. Every characteristic of this character is customizable and there are many ways to fulfill his destiny. However, this freedom also allows players to interact in deadly ways with many of Skyrim’s inhabitants. While many characters may share a voice actor or use similar dialogue, each has a unique personality and story that makes Skyrim feel alive. Unfortunately, that means players are as likely to come across a sufficient jerk as they are to encounter a tragic orphan.


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Yes Ancient Scrolls proved a fact, which is that heroes can be evil. Even the best Dragonborn characters have dark urges that sully their otherwise perfect reputation. As players progress and explore the frontiers of Skyrim, powerful spells, weapons, and skills will continue to fill their arsenal. Players can develop dozens of different (and powerful) character builds in Skyrim to achieve their goals, but some of the worst NPCs don’t need flashy attacks to kill.

Skyrim players can assassinate Nazeem in Whiterun

Skyrim Nazeem

Some Skyrim the characters and companions are more hated than Nazeem, a wealthy farm owner in the Cloud District of Whiterun. From the moment the Dragonborn encounters him, Nazeem displays his privileged life and degrades the player no matter what he has achieved. He treats his fellow Whiterun citizens with contempt, ridiculing the town’s beggars and judging the market stalls for their unimpressive wares. This attitude has led many players to silence him for good. Since Whiterun is a starter town, Nazeem is only level four and can be defeated with a lot of patience and stealth. Increasing player stealth and hiding behind the tavern can give the Dragonborn cover until they line up the perfect shot. After killing him, it’s best to leave until the guards have lost interest in the body.

Skyrim players can also take down Belethor in Whiterun

Skyrim Belethor

Belethor is the owner of the general merchandise store in Whiterun and a con man who puts Skyrim‘s Thieves Guild at Riften to Shame. His chilling dialogue and relentless pursuit of profit outweigh any redeemable qualities he can display. One of Belethor’s most common lines when interacting with the Dragonborn is “Everything is for sale, my friend. All. If I had a sister, I’d sell her in a second,» and a presentiment «Come back,as a farewell.

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However, if his disturbing personality isn’t enough to convince players of his terrible nature, Belethor’s tendency to swindle the Dragonborn when selling and buying goods should be. Luckily, players can achieve deadly vengeance by slaying Belethor without mods or quests beforehand. The easiest method is to break into Belethor’s general merchandise through the back door and assassinate the shift clerk at the counter. Belethor’s death allows players to freely loot his pockets and any valuables in the store. Additionally, players can sell their wares in several other Whiterun storefronts, which means that killing Belethro results in a profit, not a loss.

Skyrim Imperial Followers Can Kill Ulfric Stormcloak

Ulfric Stormcloak is the leader of Skyrim’s Stormcloak Rebellion, and one of two factions players can join for the Skyrim Civil War quest. Empire-aligned players will find Ulfric to be a particularly lousy character, as is the non-Nordic Dragonborn. As a veteran of the Great War, Ulfric shows distrust and apathy towards non-Nordics and refuses to negotiate with the Thalmores (and by extension, the Aldmeri Dominion). Ulfric is responsible for starting Skyrim’s Civil War after killing High King Torygg in ritual combat. Unfortunately, players who want to kill Ulfric Stormcloak will either have to complete the Imperial side of Skyrim‘s Civil War or download a mod to make Ulfric Stormcloak non-essential earlier in the game. Players on the Imperial side should prepare for simultaneous combat against Galmar, Stormcloak troopers, and Ulfric.

Skyrim Stormcloak Players Can End General Tullius and the Imperial Occupation

Skyrim General Tullius

General Tullius is the leader of Skyrim’s Imperial Legion during the Civil War and a veteran of the Great War. While polite and professional, his unwavering support for a crumbling Empire can be frustrating for players aligned with Stormcloak. Moreover, this loyalty often outweighs the inhabitants’ concerns for their country of origin. As the highest ranking Imperial officer, he works alongside the Aldmeri Dominion and Thalmor to subdue the Cult of Talos and the natives of Skyrim. Like Ulfric Stormcloak, players won’t be able to kill General Tullius until they complete the Stormcloak questline for Skyrim’s Civil War. However, mods exist to make Tullius a non-essential character sooner. Players who side with the Stormcloaks must prepare to fight General Tullius, Legate Rikke, and the accompanying Imperial soldiers.

Skyrim’s Falkreath has room for Bolund in the graveyard

Skyrim Bolund

Players who bought Skyrimit’s Fire place fire The DLC expansion may be familiar with Falkreath’s Bolund. While the local lumberjack can play a beneficial role for players building their homes, his services are rarely worth his racist comments. Like most Nords, Bolund is passionate about Skyrim’s Civil War and subsequent Imperial occupation. Non-Nordic Dragonborns will face racist remarks every time they interact with him, and Nordic Dragonborns are always subjected to harsh treatment.

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Bolund’s brother Solaf tries to explain his behavior by saying he doesn’t trust outsiders, but even Solaf won’t punish the player too harshly after murdering his brother. Additionally, Bolund is extremely cruel to other residents of Falkreath for no reason. The woodcutter regularly harasses Lod, the local farmer, and calls him lazy despite the arid soil of his land. By killing him, the Dragonborn is performing a public service for Falkreath. Unfortunately, Bolund is harder to assassinate than the other targets on this list, as he frequents crowded areas. Players must kill Bolund at night when he returns home, and most of the guards have surrendered.

Skyrim’s Markarth is home to Ondolemar, a Thalmor agent

Ondolemar Skyrim

East Markarth Skyrimis the worst city, but players can achieve an unhealthy sense of satisfaction by killing Ondolemar when visiting. Ondolemar is a member of Thalmor, the governing bodies of the Aldmeri Dominion, and one of the most hated factions in The Elder Scrolls. When players encounter Ondolemar in the palace of Markarth, he immediately asks the player character about the cult of Talos in the city. The High Elves actively work for religious repression, racial supremacy for the High Elves, and absolute domination of the Aldmeri Dominion over the entire continent. Ondolemar also tortures his prisoners, as seen in Ogmund’s fate if players acquire his Talos amulet and turn it in to Thalmor. Killing Ondolemar can be difficult, as players must assassinate him inside Markarth’s Keep. However, his assassination is simple to pull off if players wait for him to fall asleep and use their strongest (and stealthiest) attack to finish him off.

Unfortunately, players cannot kill many characters in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, regardless of their crimes. Warmongers, assassins, bandits, and more escape the Dragonborn’s wrath as quest givers or other essential NPCs. Fortunately, sites like NexusMods provide dozens of mods that players can install on their save files that change their essential status. Elder Scrolls fans can now also get a version of Skyrim with preloaded mods available.

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