The video reinvents Final Fantasy 9 with modern graphics

Memoria Project reinvents Final Fantasy 9 with modern graphics by showing a trailer centered on the Black Mage hero Vivi and the city of Alexandria.


Square Enix is ​​out Final Fantasy 9 for the PlayStation in 2000, while fans of the title continue to express their enthusiasm for the game through cosplay, fan art, and challenging RPG races. An ongoing project known as the Memoria Project is reinventing the PS1 title with modern graphics, and it looks stunning.

Reddit user Zeephos recently shared a video of Final Fantasy 9 running with modern graphics, which lasts just over a minute. The clip focuses on the Black Mage character Vivi and a small piece of the city of Alexandria at night. The video begins with a character in the foreground walking past some flowers blowing in the wind alongside countless blades of grass, which begin to dance as the music is introduced.


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A little girl runs past Final Fantasy 9 hero Vivi in ​​the Memoria Project video as he stands in the middle of a cobbled path, the scene resembling a Pixar project. Fireflies glow as they float around Vivi in ​​this Final Fantasy 9 video from Memoria Project, but the moonlight completely overpowers the glow of bugs and lanterns as the city becomes more visible. Moonlight shines on the roof shingles of the building in front of which Vivi stands like in real life, while a shadow is appropriately cast on the building across the main path.

This course Final Fantasy 9 Memoria Project’s visual upgrade has been teased several times in the past by lead 3D character artist Dan Eder, who often lets others know when the team is hiring for the project. Beyond his work with the Final Fantasy 9 reinventing, Eder often shares his designs inspired by things like squid game, Marvel’s Spiderman, and street fighter. Although the recent trailer showing his work on the Final Fantasy 9 improvement centered on Vivi, the artist also shared models for Princess Garnet, a Moogle, and Puck.

Since the confirmation and subsequent publication of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, fans of the series have been asking for their favorite titles to be updated with modern graphics and Final Fantasy 9 was among the recommended titles. Final Fantasy 9 returned to a classic fantasy setting on the PS1 after Final Fantasy 6 through Final Fantasy 8 focused on futuristic and mechanical worlds, with titles like Final Fantasy 15 straddling the line between the two themes. The Memoria Project team is inspired by the fantastical aesthetics of Final Fantasy 9 and the community’s hopes for a remake of the PS1 title.

Final Fantasy 9 is available now for mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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