The star sign of each playable character

In all versions of Final Fantasy VII, From the original game to the ongoing remake, a big strength of the story is its unique cast of characters. Even those that don’t get as much attention have distinct personalities and rich stories.

The Chinese zodiac is based on the lunar calendar and a twelve-year cycle, in which each year is represented by an animal. Based on the schedule indicated in the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania 10th anniversary, these are the signs of the zodiac Final Fantasy VII”s nine playable heroes.


9 Cid Highwind – Rabbit

Final Fantasy 7 Cid Highwind Different

Born in 1975 at the start of the Year of the Rabbit, Final Fantasy VIICid’s incarnation isn’t as sensitive and polite as the typical Rabbit sign. He is loud, brash and often rude: he is unlikely to back down from an argument. However, beneath his gruff exterior, Cid is a deeply compassionate and kind person.

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He is unwilling to sacrifice Shera’s life to fulfill his ultimate dream of going to space and is fully willing to step in and temporarily run the party when Cloud is incapacitated, which shows his strong sense of responsibility. . One of the Bunny’s lucky colors is blue, matching Cid’s ubiquitous blue jacket.

8 Vincent Valentin – Tiger

Vincent Valentine FF7 Drige of Cerberus

Born in October 1950, the year of the Tiger, Vincent more than lives up to the reputation of the power of the Tiger signs. Although they can be brooding and gloomy at times, Tiger signs are highly independent and natural leaders and protectors. They are associated with the banishment of evil.

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Vincent’s possession by the demon Chaos and the monstrous forms he can assume as a result are, ironically, the powers he uses to fight evil. His betrayal, murder, and self-imposed exile from society have made him withdrawn and stoic, but he retains his fearlessness and sense of justice. Not only does he fight to save the planet in the original game, but he does it again in his spin-off title, Dirge of Cerberus.

seven Cait Sith – Rat

Cait Sith Final Fantasy VII

Found in Gold Saucer, Cait Sith is a cheerful cat who rides a large Moogle into battle alongside the party. However, it is revealed that Cait Sith is an unborn machine. His operator and true identity, Reeve Tuesti, was born in 1972, Year of the Rat. (Like any fan of Fruit basket knows, the Cat is not a real member of the zodiac).

Rat signs are known for prosperity and wealth, as well as intelligence and the tendency to wait for the right opportunity instead of moving forward recklessly. Reeve, a Shinra executive smart enough to create Cait Sith and use her for espionage, ticks all the boxes on this list.

6 Yuffie Kisaragi – Goat

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Yuffie Limit Break

Born in the year of the Goat in 1991, Yuffie is as stubborn and passionate as her sign suggests. Although she is not very strong physically, she is intelligent, aims high in her goals and is very resilient, all qualities which remain strong even when she appears in Kingdom Hearts.

In Chinese tradition, the Goat is also a symbol of filial piety. Although Yuffie is at odds with her father Godo for most of the game, it’s only because she disagrees with his response to Shinra’s domination of Wutai. She does what she does because she wants the best for him and for their country.

5 Red XIII/Nanaki – Pig

A portrait of Red XIII

It turns out that red is an unlucky color for those born in the year of the pig. Given the name Nanaki when he was born in 1959, he was branded with the nickname Red XIII when he was captured by Shinra and used in experiments. Additionally, he loses both parents at a young age and spends years mistakenly believing the worst of his father Seto.

Despite her string of tragedy and bad luck, Nanaki embodies the best traits of her sign. Pigs are logical thinkers, determined providers, and good problem solvers. Nanaki approaches issues with a narrow and direct mindset (though he’s not ashamed to admit he’s wrong) and takes his position as Cosmo Canyon’s protector incredibly seriously.

4 Barret Wallace – Rat

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Who is Marlene Mom Barret Tifa

Like Reeve, Barret was born in 1972 in the Year of the Rat. He is a natural leader who has earned the complete trust of AVALANCHE members through his dedication to their goal. Growing up in poverty in the mining town of Corel and watching the Shinra corporation abuse people and the planet, he has dedicated his life to bringing the corporation down to create a better world by any means necessary.

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Always in tune with the characteristics of the Rat, Barret can have an angry temper and sometimes lacks patience. He doesn’t give his approval freely, but once someone has it, he’ll have his back through thick and thin, as seen in the development of his friendship with Cloud.

3 Tifa Lockhart – Rabbit

Tifa Lockheart hanging out at the bar

Like Cid, Tifa is a bunny sign, born in 1987. She’s just as witty, compassionate, and quick on her feet as her sign suggests, making her one of the best characters in Final Fantasy VII. While she doesn’t have the massive weapons or superhuman abilities that most of her comrades possess, she more than makes up for it with her martial arts skills and sheer determination.

Although each Final Fantasy VII The hero is driven by love in some sense, Tifa in particular is fueled by a desire to protect the people she loves. Like most Bunnies, she is extremely loyal and will never give up on a friend in need, as seen when she temporarily leaves the party to tend to a comatose cloud in Mideel.

2 Aerith Gainsborough – Beef

Final Fantasy 7 Aerith

With her birthday in February 1985, Aerith was born at the start of the Year of the Ox. As befits her sign, she is down to earth, hardworking and honest. Despite her outspokenness, she tends to keep her most personal feelings to herself and always makes plans before taking drastic action. It’s best (and most tragically) shown when she leaves the party to call Holy in the Forgotten City, without telling anyone where she’s going.

Just as the Ox is the strongest of the zodiac animals, Aerith is one of the strongest members of the group, with her Cetra blood giving her a power and connection to the planet that no other living person has. Incidentally, Ox signs are the most romantically compatible with Rat signs: like her long-lost boyfriend, Zack Fair, who was born just a year before her.

1 Cloud Strife – Tiger

Cloud looks at the camera in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Cloud shares not only several characteristics with Vincent but also a sign of the zodiac: born in 1986, he is also a Tiger. He is a strong and reliable group leader: although he rarely plans too far into the future, he is very adaptable and can lead his friends through any danger. He protects those he loves and is ready to do anything to save them if they are in trouble.

Just like Geralt de Riv in the witcher, Cloud is also incredibly resilient, never being permanently taken down by even the most devastating blows. He survived the burning of his hometown by Sephiroth, the experimental infusion of Mako (which made his eyes glow the lucky color of the Tiger, blue), bouts of amnesia and dissociation, to a personality-rebuilding coma, the death of his mother and best friends, and several other traumas, but still manages to get back up and keep fighting.

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