The Skyforge Mechanoid Invasion event rewards players with Cyberpunk cosmetics, a new companion, and more.

Once again, the mechanoids return to Skyforge for another attempt at conquering Aelion, and of course, it’s your job to stop him. Who else is going to do it? Not the NPCs. They’re too busy doing… NPC stuff.

Of course, there is an advantage. Rewards. So, starting now on PC, May 20 on Xbox and PlayStation, players must defeat the Mechanoids by completing Seasonal Challenges and exploring the Invasion Atlas. Completing Seasonal Challenges will earn players the points needed to progress through 20 reward-packed levels. Thus, players will want to take on as many challenges as possible. The challenges are divided into easy, normal and hard challenges and players will earn more points by completing some.

In addition to the seasonal challenges, players must face off against The Integrator, the most powerful boss in the invasion. Don’t try to do it alone. It’s one of those teamwork things.

A full overview of the event and the items rewarded at each level is available on the Skyforge website. Also keep in mind that as with any Season Pass content on any game, there is a free version and a premium version. So, take a look at the list and see if there is anything that you feel is worth throwing in some cash to get.

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