The Skull lamp illuminates the future Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk is full of characters with cool body mods, and [bsmachinist] made a flashlight for ocular prostheses (TikTok) which is both useful and futuristic. [via Reddit] [bsmachinist] has been making titanium prosthetic eyes for over five years now, and this latest iteration, the Skull Lamp, has a high-brightness LED that he says is great for reading books at night as well as any other tasks you might have. for a headlamp. Battery life is reported as 20 hours and the device is powered on by pass a magnet (Instagram) near the prosthesis.

We love to see how prosthetics have evolved in recent years with the proliferation of advanced tools for makers. Here are some other interesting prostheses we have covered Do-it-yourself socket for prostheses with a built-in charger and power supply and several different prosthetic projects for children, including these Heroic Prostheses by Open Bionicsthe E-Nable Allianceand one Child who designed his own prosthesis.


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