The Sirensong Sea Dungeon Guide & Walkthrough

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  • How to Unlock the Sirensong Sea

The Sea of ​​Sirens is a level 61 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood. Sirensong Sea is the first new dungeon made available with patch 4.0 and the release of the Stormblood expansion. While traveling in the Far East, your ship is mysteriously swept off course. You will need to investigate the cause of this delay and return to Doma.

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This dungeon is pretty straightforward compared to some of the later Heavensward encounters, but some of the new boss mechanics can trip you up if you’re not careful. Let’s take a look at each of Sirensong Sea’s bosses, their attacks and mechanics, and how to beat them.

How to Unlock the Sirensong Sea

This dungeon is unlocked through the following main story quest.

  • Accept Main Scenario Quest “Not without incident”
    • NPC location: Lysis – Mor Dhona (X:22.2, Y:8.5)

Dungeon Walkthrough

You will start this dungeon on the boat. Move across the deck and fight off some waves of Banshees before leaving the boat and going further into the dungeon, towards the first boss.

Later in the dungeon, just before the final boss, you will face the mini-boss Captive without flesh. This enemy will use seductive cryfollowed by Flood to pull in all party members before dealing high AoE damage. Use stuns or silence Seductive Scream to avoid this combo.


lugat, the first boss of the sea siren song

Sirensong Sea’s first boss is Lugat, whose attacks and mechanics are listed below.

  • Amorphous applause: Targets a random player and starts casting a large AoE in their direction. This AoE will cover half of the arena the boss is facingso quickly pass behind Lugat to avoid.
  • hydro ball: Targets a random player with a stack marker. Regroup on the concerned player to split the damage of this attack.
  • sea ​​swallows: Lugat goes suck all players into the center of the arena before using his next attack, concussive oscillation.
    • concussive oscillation: Places five AoEs around the arena in a set pattern. After being drawn to the center of the arena, quickly move to a safe place between AoEs.
  • towing: Moves all players away from the boss. This attack is immediately followed by Hydroballso quickly run to the center of the arena to regroup with your group.

Lugat will repeat these attacks until he is defeated. Make sure you stack during Hydroball to distribute the damage among all party members.

The governor

the governor, second patron of the sea singing sirens

The second boss in this dungeon is the Governor. This boss will use a stack Magic Vulnerability Up Debuff throughout the fight that must be avoided. The Governor’s attacks and mechanics are detailed below.

  • shadow flow: The Governor will sink into the ground in the center of the arena and spread gray areas around the arena. Entering one of them will apply the Magic Vulnerability Debuff and deal damage every few seconds. Avoid moving in the shadows for the duration of this attack.
  • A fit of rage: Inflicts damage on all party members. Recover with AoE heals.
  • Enter the night: The governor draw a random player to the center of the arena and place a shadow attached on them. This will deal damage over time and apply the Magic Vulnerability debuff. Run away from the boss to break the tether.
  • Shadow Split: The boss will use this attack for shadow flow. The Governor will create shadow clones of himself that will spread across the arena, further reduce the number of safe zones. Move accordingly to avoid walking in the shadows and get debuffed.

The Governor will repeat these attacks until he is defeated. Stay out of Shadowflow areas and you’ll make it through this fight.


lorelei, final boss of the siren song sea

The final boss of this dungeon is Lorelei. The main mechanic of this boss is virgin tears, which she will use in conjunction with various other attacks throughout the fight. Lorelei’s attacks and mechanics are listed below.

  • Headbutt: Inflicts heavy damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns to mitigate.
  • virgin tears: Creates large AoE pools around the arena that apply the Bleeding debuff and deals heavy damage over time to players entering it. These will persist in the arena for some time.
    • As the fight progresses, more AoE puddles will appear and the the edge of the arena will also become a puddle.
  • dark melody: Inflicts damage on all party members. The healer should quickly restore everyone’s health.
  • Void of Water III: Target one random player with a large AoE puddle, similar to Virgin Tears. This will need to be avoided by missing an AoE indicator.
  • Morbid Advance / Morbid Retreat: forces you to walk in a straight line forward or backward, respectively. This attack will perform during Virgin Tearsso you will have to position yourself in advance to avoid walking in puddles.

Lorelei will repeat these attacks until she is defeated. Make sure you monitor your location during Virgin Tears and Morbid Advance/Retreat, as puddles can deal significant damage if you stay in them for too long. After defeating Lorelei, the Sea of ​​Sirens will be complete.

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