The most powerful spells in the Final Fantasy series

Final Fantasy is a franchise that operates heavily under the influence of otherworldly forces of nature. The magical properties present in the many worlds of the series have allowed the developers to create and incorporate some of the most extraordinary spells and magical abilities in video game history.

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The Final Fantasy is renowned for its use of magic as a means of combat. Magic can be used in various ways to aid the player in difficult battles and devastate a group if used by an enemy. Although the series is full of incredibly powerful magic, some of the spells of Final Fantasy games are much more powerful than others.


ten Stop

The Stop spell can paralyze an enemy if cast during combat. While cures can quickly negate the effects of this spell, it can make a once easy encounter much more difficult if inflicted on multiple party members at the same time.

The Stop spell can be used on the majority of enemies encountered throughout the franchise, although many of the most powerful enemies are immune to its effects. If used by the player, it can provide a moment of respite while trying to navigate certain battles.

9 confuse

The Confusion spell is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous spells seen throughout the series. As its name suggests, the spell is able to confuse those it is cast on during combat, often causing them to mistake friends for enemies. The player will then lose control of a confused party member as they relentlessly attack their companions or, in some cases, themselves.

The spell is most commonly associated with the Marlboro, an enemy whose Bad Breath ability can devastate a group in one turn. Bad Breath can inflict several different status effects on a character, but Confuse is arguably the deadliest. If the Marlboro uses this ability on a group susceptible to its effects, the battle may end as quickly as it began.

8 mini

The white magic spell, Mini, can be a powerful way to minimize damage from an enemy. If the spell is successfully cast, it will shrink an enemy to microscopic size. Although the most powerful enemies in the series are generally immune to the effects of this spell, it can prove to be an effective way to deal with random encounters.

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Slashing an enemy has many benefits. First, it will make incoming physical attacks much less powerful while also increasing the damage the player can deal to now tiny enemies. Unfortunately, if the spell is cast on a player, the same effects will apply.

seven Holy

Holy Spell is an extremely powerful form of elemental magic that is most effective when used against Dark-type enemies. It has appeared in several main installments over the years and is considered to be one of the most powerful spells present throughout the series.

It’s one of the few offensive abilities a white mage can use in battle, and while it can be tricky to unlock, its ability to devastate enemies susceptible to light damage is hard to ignore. Once unlocked in Final Fantasy 10this allows Yuna to be a much more effective ally in combat.

6 Ultimate

The Ultima spell is arguably the most powerful magic present in the Final Fantasy series. Although it is a recurring spell, the player rarely has the ability to cast it themselves as it can usually only be learned by the strongest enemies in the series.

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It deals non-elemental damage to multiple enemies when cast, but its most impressive feature is its ability to bypass certain defensive buffs. Ultima is unaffected by protection spells like Shell and Reflect, giving it free rein to unleash its full potential each time it is cast.

5 Reflect

The Reflect spell can be both a blessing and a curse when engaging with powerful enemies. If cast on a party member, it can reflect incoming magic spells back to the caster. Under the influence of reflection, the player can also cast offensive magic on themselves to multiply the damage inflicted on their enemies.

It can also be thrown at an enemy, and while the benefit of this is initially unclear, it may prove more effective in healing party members. Several enemies in the series are able to heal themselves, especially when their health begins to wane. If these particular battles are approached strategically, the player will never have to heal their characters because the enemy will do it for them.

4 Death

The Death spell is an unpredictable power used by many enemies throughout the series, but it is most dangerous when used by bosses. The spell has a chance to inflict instant death on whoever it is cast on, making it one of the deadliest spells in Final Fantasythe Arsenal.

Although the percentile chance of successfully casting Death is low, as stories progress and boss difficulties increase, its accuracy also increases. In Final Fantasy 10Yunalesca can cast Death on multiple characters at once, a terrifying move that requires the player to drop or seek out Deathproof armor for at least one party member.

3 Chain

The Warp Spell, also known as Banishment in some games, can easily be the most threatening spell present in any of the Final Fantasy Games. He is able to banish anyone he is thrown into the void, an ability that prevents them from returning to said battle.

If the player is unfortunate enough to be on the receiving side of the Warp Spell, the battle they are in may be about to end. Seymour has a habit of using this ability against Aeons in Final Fantasy 10rendering null and void any hope one may have of shipping it soon.

2 zettaflare

The Flare spell is one of the most powerful fire spells in the series. While its damage is incredible, the Flare spell is laughable compared to its morphs. The Megaflare, Gigaflare, and Teraflare spells, most commonly attributed to Bahamut, are some of the most devastating offensive spells featured in the series.

kingdom hearts 3a game that incorporates many Final Fantasy elements, sees Donald Duck using Zettaflare against erra-Xehanort. Zettaflare is a staggeringly powerful spell that when used causes Donald to crumble. It’s a billion times more powerful than Teraflare, and while only a brief snippet of its power is ever shown, it more than likely destroyed several planets upon emerging from the atmosphere of the Keyblade Graveyard.

1 Supernova

The Supernova spell is a recurring ability that holds cosmic energy to its targets. It provides an effective way to deal with multiple enemies, but the true extent of its power is only revealed in Final Fantasy 7.

The climax of this game sees Sephiroth cast Supernova during his battle with Cloud and his companions. The animation that plays depicts the Supernova hovering in deep space and destroying every planet in its path as it gets closer and closer to Gaia. There are few spells capable of destroying entire planets, making Supernova the most powerful spell of all. Final Fantasy.

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