The most powerful Magic users in the Final Fantasy franchise


Magic is a major focal point of the Final fantasy franchise. Each new game has a unique world built around a distinctive magical system that governs both the narrative and the mechanics of the title. Given this central importance, it should come as no surprise that magic users often play a prominent role in the series, and while nearly all party members are capable of various witchcraft feats, some are wizard hat, head and shoulders above others.

It takes more than a high magic stat to stand out from the crowd Final fantasy. The following characters are not only capable of dealing a lot of damage with Ultima or Firaga – they perform magical feats that lead to belief and reshape the world around them. In many cases, these characters are defined by their connection to the supernatural, and their magical powers (or burdens) guide the general course of their respective play.

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Square Enix follows some patterns with their characterization of magic users. While FF Protagonists like Squall, Tidus, and Cloud tend to have solid and comprehensive stats, they’re generally better known for their distinctive sword mastery than their magic. Therefore, Final fantasy heroines and villains usually vie for the spotlight when it comes to magic. There are, however, some interesting exceptions to these rules.

Please note that this item will have SPOILERS for various Final fantasy Games.

Aerith, Rinoa and other heroines

A short list of prominent ladies with obscene magical abilities includes summoners like Rydia and Yuna as well as those from powerful magical lineages like Aerith and Terra. Rydia is a pureborn summoner, able to communicate and command eidolons in combat, which proves to be a revolutionary force in Final fantasy 4. Like Rydia, Yuna possesses the innate ability to summon powerful divine beasts, known as Eons, and is doomed to die in a ritual to save her world from annihilation. Aerith helps save Gaia by tapping into her Cetra lineage to cast Holy (though the spell has a long ending). And Terra became the face of Final fantasy 6 for good reason. Her demi-Esper heritage endows her with some truly awesome magical powers and is at the heart of the game’s plot.

The most powerful of Final Fantasy’s Maiden Magi, however, is arguably Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy 8. Rinoa has the lineage of a witch, who (when certain criteria are met) can transcend and compress time. This potentially apocalyptic power leads the hidden nation of Esthar to attempt to cryogenically seal it. Luckily, Squall has a sense of saving her, and the group manages to defeat Ultimecia – another witch, or perhaps the unspeakably evil potential future form of Rinoa, and the game’s big bad. At the end of the game, Rinoa succeeds even to save Squall from a void between space and time without breaking a sweat.

Kefka, Sephiroth and other villains

Heroes need credible threats to stand against them, however, and in Final fantasy, that means they must be terrifying forces to be reckoned with. Exdeath, for example, is the extremely powerful warlock who serves as Final fantasy 5This is the biggest evil. It is a sort of anti-captain planet, using evil magic to cause widespread natural disasters that wipe out entire regions of the world. And once he masters the powers of the force known as the Void, he becomes a Thanos-level threat to reality.

Even though he’s best known for his elegant sword, Sephiroth is another strong contender for the wickedest wizard. In the original version Final Fantasy 7, He manages to control Cloud’s mind on several occasions, repeatedly conjures strange horrors of Jenova’s corpse (her dead “ mother ”), and uses the Dark Materia to summon Meteor: a spell whose animation by attack destroys not only Gaia, but its surrounding solar system. Final Fantasy 7 remake seems to do just by the character’s powerful legacy so far, but Remake Part 2 has a chance to really raise the stakes with Sephiroth.

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However, there can only be one champion. As Sephiroth and Kefka fight for the title of best “Final fantasy Wicked, “There is at least one region where the Clown Prince is the undisputed king: magic. Many villains aspire to destroy the world and gain access to divinity – including Sephiroth and Exdeath – only one. Final fantasy villain really made those evil dreams come true. Kefka literally becomes the god of magic and uses this power to destroy the known world in no time. His evil origin story is also witchy, as he was driven mad when he first gained the ability to use magic. Kefka’s desire for chaos equals the Joker, and perhaps more cruel. Meteors are cute in comparison.

Vivi, Noctis and other heroes

Sony PlayStation Final Fantasy IX Vivi Magic

If magic were measured in terms of wholesomeness, there would be no competition with Final fantasy 9It’s Vivi, but the kind-hearted dark mage still has a magic punch. While many characters are frightened by their lack of power, Vivi fears her own destructive abilities, which are the root of her nervousness and lack of self-confidence. Vivi’s glowing eyes and darkened skin are a visual mark of her power – with a tragically shortened lifespan. Fittingly, his (seemingly) dying words serve as the game’s touching final monologue.

The blood of Noctis is the source of Final Fantasy 15Magic. The rest of the party basically have to get rid of him just to cast spells. Noctis can also summon a whole arsenal of weapons from the air. It can also warp from point to point, indefinitely to attack and evade at will. He is also a summoner. When it comes to magic, Noctis’ abilities are so over the top that they look more like superpowers than traditional spellcasters.

However, it is still debatable whether Rinoa’s time squeezing lineage or Notcis’ fantasy superhero lineage can stand up to the literal, evil deity. But the old Magical Crystals franchise is making a comeback in Final Fantasy 16 alongside impressive eidolon entities. Given that setting and the series’ track record of including powerful spellcasters in every title, it will be interesting to see what surprises the next title. is valid for potential wizards.

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