The most dangerous dungeon in the legend of Zelda

Link travels to many dangerous places in The Legend of Zelda, but which of Hyrule’s magical dungeons would an average mortal struggle the most?

In the 35 years of THE Legend of Zelda, Link has explored many atmospheric and intimidating dungeons. But Breath of the wild Dropped by many conventions in the series, including traditional temples, the elaborate dungeons of previous games remain central to the Zelda the identity of the franchise. Fans often wonder which of these areas is the best or the most iconic, but which one Zelda dungeon was actually the most dangerous challenge to overcome?

Apart Breath of the wild, Zelda the games mainly allow Link to reach new temples and dungeons sequentially. As players build Link’s inventory of items and skills, more places open up for them to explore. Link will never enter a dungeon without being equipped for his challenges. While they can prove to be difficult – and, at times, frustrating – in terms of problem-solving, navigation, and enemy encounters, they’re still quite doable for the hero Hylian.

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But what if, instead of THE Legend of Zeldathe main man of, was he a real person who had to tackle the many puzzling puzzles and supernatural creatures found inside, all without the aid of tunics and magic potions? This would add a whole new element to the dangers involved in these closed and otherworldly areas – especially in these elemental temples, such as OcarinaThe Fire Temple, where the human body would be unable to endure for a significant period of time, let alone fight tooth and nail against their nimble and cunning enemies.

Ocarina’s Fire Temple is a huge health hazard and Zelda’s most dangerous dungeon

Ocarina of Time Fire Temple from The Legend of Zelda series

The Fire Temple at The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time would immediately turn out to be a huge problem for a mere mortal. Even if they were able to somehow survive just inside an active volcano, the very air in that temple would cause the body to immediately try to cool itself by producing large amounts of sweat. This, in turn, would severely dehydrate the person unlucky enough to find themselves in such a volatile environment, and, given the immense heat present in the Fire Temple, a clean source of refreshing drinking water would be impossible to find. When a person is too dehydrated, they also run the risk of developing kidney stones, which can be incredibly painful and potentially fatal if infected.

To make matters even more dangerous, if that person somehow manages to make it through the temple’s many twists and turns without igniting, going into cardiac arrest from inhaling smoke, or drying out into an envelope. Crispy and inundated with heatstroke, they will come face to face with a huge dragon at the end. Needless to say, this is a battle best left to the hero of time. Maybe by trying one of the THE Legend of Zelda‘s water temples with snorkeling gear and a harpoon would be safer – although this would still be strongly discouraged.

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