The Lexington Lightsaber League hosts fights for fun

LEXINGTON (FOX 56) – It’s hard to explain a class that takes place every Wednesday evening in Woodland Park. It’s part fencing, part martial arts, part theater. And all for fun.

Williams Atkinson, one of the instructors, said, “A common comment we get is, ‘I love your choreography.’ But none of this is choreographed. Nothing is planned. “

This is the Lexington Lightsaber League – a group of friendly young people who will fight before the night is over.

“Once you understand how ridiculous it is, it really is neat,” Atkinson said.

Another instructor, Mike Thompson, said: “I sort of lead the Sith faction of the group and Williams is dealing with the Jedi side.”

Most of the league members are huge Star wars fans, but you don’t have to be. You just have to love role-playing games and not worry about what passers-by might think.

“It’s not for everyone, but it’s for us,” Atkinson said.

Thompson said each member of the group proudly accepts that they can be seen as nerds. “My brothers say ‘OK, go have fun being a weirdo I guess’ and I’m like ‘yes I will.'”

The league always has extra lightsabers lying around for anyone who might come and want to give it a try. But the devices they use are not from the toy store. A good lightsaber from a specialized website can cost hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.

“We collect them,” Atkinson said. “You know, if the money is tight and someone wants to come and practice, we have extras, because we want people to come.”

Members like new prospects to be at least 15 years old, just for security reasons.

When the force is with them, league members stay late into the night to create popular Instagram videos. Even though these fake fights seem a long way off, the goals of the Lightsaber League are down to earth.

“It’s a healthy way to get out of the house, exercise and pretend play,” Atkinson said. “We’re having fun and that’s all that matters.

And the best thing about this type of fun is that there is always a sequel.

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