The history of the final role-playing game is limited

In the Far East, the multiplayer role-playing game Lost Ark has already met with huge success and has already won numerous awards there. Unfortunately, the originally planned release date cannot be met in the Western climate: the Smilegate RPG title was supposed to be this fall, but it’s clearly overdue.

Now publisher Amazon Games, which is responsible for the Western release, has a new date for Lost Ark: The free title is slated to appear on Steam on February 11, 2022. Those who get one of the major prepaid packages can access three days earlier and can start on February 8, 2022.

We can’t wait to introduce Lost Ark to players in new territories. With the release date announced, we’re one step closer to when you can finally experience the awe-inspiring world and breathtaking battles for yourself.says Christoph Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Games. “In February, players can immerse themselves for the first time in the wonderful world of Arkesia and create their own adventure.

Amazon Games Lost Ark describes it as:
In search of the lost ark that bears his name, players embark on an epic journey through the lost ark, traveling through a captivating multi-level world and discovering new wonders around every corner, every town, every castle and every catacomb. The game features 15 different hero classes with unique adaptable skill sets based on the tripod skill system. The system allows you to choose and improve the characteristics of combat skills once they have reached a certain level. Players descend into dungeons of chaos, participate in PvP duels, demonstrate their ability in epic quests, and battle demonic hordes to regain eternal strength and light from a lost ark.

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