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The Grand Cosmos is a level 80 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers. Originally added in patch 5.1, this dungeon is the first dungeon in the post-Shadowbringers main storyline. Your goal is to learn a method of transferring a soul into a physical object, and the Crystal Exarch may know someone knowledgeable about the subject.

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The Scions turn to the reclusive mage of the Greater Cosmos, a curious being who only wishes to be alone. You will have to brave the corridors of the great mage’s palace if you want to learn how to save your allies. Let’s take a look at each boss you’ll face in the Grand Cosmos and how to beat them.

How to unlock the Grand Cosmos

The Grand Cosmos is unlocked through the following quest.

  • Accept Main Scenario Quest “A Great Adventure”
    • NPC location: Crystal Exarch – The Eyepiece, The Cristarium (X:6.1, Y:6.0)

Dungeon Walkthrough

As the main story dungeon, the Grand Cosmos can be completed by Trusts. Entering the dungeon with these NPCs will be slower than human players, but will give you the opportunity to learn the dungeon at your own pace. We recommend using trusts for your first run through the Greater Cosmos.

Loneliness seeker

seeker of solitude, first boss of the grand cosmos dungeon

The first boss in the Grand Cosmos is the Seeker of Solitude, which will use the following attacks and mechanics.

  • shadow stroke: Inflicts heavy damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns if necessary.
  • Immortal Anathema: Inflicts damage on all party members. Use AoE healing if needed.
  • Tribulation: The boss will fall puddles of dirt around the arena before calling five brooms at the edges on each side of the arena. After a while, the brooms will descend the arena in a straight line, slowly moving towards the puddles. When a broom hits a puddle, it begins to clean it, dealing damage to the area. Brooms will additionally deal damage and repel all the players they meet.
    • Avoid this attack by sneak through brooms as they move, and avoid puddles.

solitude seeker using tribulation to create brooms around the arena
  • black shock: Creates an AoE circle under a random player. This attack will happen during the Tribulation, so make sure to dodge it avoiding the brooms.
  • dark pulse: Targets a random player with a stack marker. Regroup on the affected player to distribute the damage of this attack.
  • dark well: Appears immediately after dark pulse, the boss will target all players with AoE markers which will soon cause damage in a AoE circle. Spread out after stacking to avoid overlapping these AoEs.

The Solitude Seeker will repeat these attacks until defeated. Dodging brooms can take some getting used to, so be sure to focus on this mechanic when it happens. Additionally, as the fight progresses, the Solitude Seeker will overlap with some of these abilities, such as using dark well during Tribulation, further increasing the amount of stuff you have to dodge. Look carefully and move accordingly.

Leannan Sith

leanna sith, second boss of the grand cosmos

The second boss in this dungeon is Leannan Sith. Get ready to do some gardening and cut this boss down to size. Below are each of Leannan Sith’s attacks and mechanics.

  • color storm: Inflicts heavy damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns to mitigate.
  • Ode to lost love: Deals moderate damage to all party members. Recover with AoE heals.
  • Direct sowing: Leannan Sith will move to the center of the arena and cause square sections of the arena to glow green. Then the boss will appear Seeds around the arena. Seeds that are in bright green areas will eventually germinate, causing an add. Seeds in infertile brown tiles will not germinate

direct seeding and gardener's anthem to create seedlings around the arena
  • Gardener’s Hymn: The boss will use this attack immediately after Direct sowing. The gardener’s anthem will cause everything Seeds in growing green tiles to germinate in lovers ring adds who will start attacking the party. Eventually the lover’s rings will be cast toxic growth, causing them to explode, dealing heavy damage in the area. Seeds that are not in the green tiles will not germinate.
    • You can Avoid summoning adds by picking up and moving seeds on brown tiles so they won’t grow. If Lover’s Rings are summoned, be sure to destroy them quickly before they explode.
    • Violent wind: Further uses of Direct sowing and Gardener’s Hymn will also be accompanied by Violent wind. This attack will cause wind to blow after direct seeding, which move the Seeds one tile in the direction of the wind. Keep this in mind when moving seeds to avoid summoning adds.
  • Ode to distant winds: Leannan Sith will summon AoE circles around the arena and target all players with a AoE Marker. Find Safe Zones between grounded AoEs while also spread out to avoid taking unnecessary damage from other players’ AoE counters.
  • Ode to fallen petals: The boss will create an AoE that will cover the entire arena except for a small circle around the boss. Head to Leannan Sith to avoid this attack.

Leannan Sith will repeat these attacks until she is defeated. The main mechanic to watch out for is the Direct Seeding, Gardener’s Hymn, and Ireful Wind combo. Move the seeds to the correct tiles as soon as possible and you can avoid the impactful additions of the Lover’s Ring.


lugus, final boss of the grand cosmos

The final boss of the Grand Cosmos is Lugus. Around the arena of this boss fight are several flammable objects. Avoid approaching them until later in the fight, where they will be used to avoid a mechanic. Below are each of Lugus’ attacks.

  • Torrid Left/Right: Inflicts significant damage to the left or right side of the pattern, respectively. Watch which side the boss intends to attack from and move to the opposite side to avoid it.
  • Otherworldly warmth: Lugus will target all players with a red AoE marker which will create a ground cross shape under each player. Then the cross will be explode in a larger AoE, inflicting damage and ignite any nearby object on fire. Spread out to avoid overlapping these AoEs, and stay away from flammable furniture to avoid destroying it.
  • captive bolt: Inflicts heavy damage to the Tank. Use defensive abilities if needed.

lugus uses deadly flame to cover players with deadly blue fire
  • Deadly Flame: The boss will inflict on each player blue fire that will kill you after a few seconds. This fire must be transferred to one of the flammable objects to avoid certain death. If all objects have already been destroyed by other attacks, you will die.
    • Note that two players cannot use the same furniture to dispel Mortal Flame. Each player must transfer the blue fire to a different object, which means you need at least four items available so that all players avoid this attack.
  • realm of fire: Lugus will place a number of swords above each player’s head. Then the boss will target each player with the wrath of fire in order, according to the number of swords they have. For example, the player with a sword above their head will be targeted first, and so on.
    • the wrath of fire: Lugus will attach to the player, before rushing towards them and attacking in a large AoE cone. Stay away from the boss until the the clip turns purple minimize damage, and away from other players to avoid hitting them with the Front Cone AoE. In addition, this attack will ignite flammable objects, so be careful where you stand.
  • felling blade: Inflicts damage to all party members and drops a number of flammable chandeliers on the arena. Those can be used to avoid Mortal Flame, so make sure you don’t ignite it with other attacks.

Lugus will repeat these mechanics until he is defeated. Be careful when targeted by attacks that can ignite furniture on fire, and move quickly to dispel Mortal Flame. After destroying Lugus, the Grand Cosmos will be complete.

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