The first fable and Cyberpunk 2077 share a similar flaw


Sometimes the way a game is portrayed before release is just as influential on its legacy as how it’s actually received once it’s released. If the final shape of a game doesn’t fully match the vision presented by the developers, it can make or break the sales of the game, as well as the future of a potential franchise. One game that ultimately overcame this kind of controversy was the original Fable. Long-time fans of Fable You might remember the frustration of fans when Lionhead Games co-founder Peter Molyneux teased all sorts of features that weren’t made into the game. Even so, the first Fable The game has evolved into a very influential fantasy RPG trilogy.

There is a more recent example of this phenomenon. Project Red’s CD Cyberpunk 2077 It also lacks tons of features that the studio promised or pointed out once they made it into the game. This is one of the many reasons fans were extremely frustrated and disappointed. Cyberpunk 2077 after release. both the original Fable game and Cyberpunk 2077 offer developers an important lesson: keep your promises. Both of these games could have been greatly improved by actually using their lost ideas. However, they ditched some solid concepts and had to deal with a ton of fan frustration because of it.

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The abandoned ideas of Fable and Cyberpunk 2077

Fable 2 player faces a monster

Fable lost a lot of really interesting ideas in development. For example, a gameplay demo for Fable once indicated that the game’s combat system would be extremely dynamic, allowing players to use tons of environmental items to attack enemies or gain heights. These elements never materialized in the end game. There are also some important customization and role-playing elements that have never been incorporated. Fable. For example, Peter Molyneux once said that players could become werewolf-like balverines if they got infected with one of them, but this feature never appeared. The original Fable also didn’t allow players to have children, although Molyneux once said that children would be an important part of the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 discontinued major functionality in some similar departments. Cyberpunk fans were extremely excited about the game’s wall run feature, for example. This would have allowed for some fantastic movement options in combat, but CD Projekt Red announced months before the game’s release that wall racing had been phased out. Character customization is also an important part of Cyberpunk 2077 who suffered a little. While overall the in-game character creator is still extremely detailed and groundbreaking, players have been frustrated to learn that some options in their character’s story haven’t been incorporated. Cyberpunk, and that the characters could not change their appearance after starting the game.

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Lessons from Fable and Cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk 2077 feature of johnny silverhand town

Fable and Cyberpunk 2077 have had very different experiences as a result of dropping these features. The first one Fable The game has always been very well received overall, with its core content more than making up for any broken promises, giving the franchise a bright future. On the other hand, Cyberpunk 2077 still struggles with bugs and performance issues on some platforms, even after nearly a year of regular updates and fixes. Cyberpunkbuggy’s reputation makes it much harder to make up for its missing features, compared to Fable, which was strong despite missing features. Both of these stories show that it is possible to make up for broken promises, but it is better not to bet on uncertain promises when advertising a game.

These two stories should inform the development of the new version of Playground Games. Fable Title. Fable 4 apparently won’t be on Xbox One, which means it’ll likely avoid a lot of Cyberpunk 2077intergenerational performance issues, but it still risks over-promising and under-delivering. Without a doubt, Playground wants its Fable game to shine, especially since this is the developer’s first foray into RPGs. However, one should not announce anything that he cannot deliver in the hopes of winning over questionable fans. The playground should take careful care of the new garden it is planting, taking the Fable franchise, rather than setting off fireworks, to ignite his crops.

Fable is in development for PC and Xbox Series X / S.

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The protagonist of the fable of the guild of heroes receives the tear of Avo

Fable should plunge into tears of the judges of Avo

They might be pretty obscure characters in Fable’s deep lore, but the judges of Avo’s Tear have plenty of room to develop in Fable 4.

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