The Elder Scrolls Online: How to Join a Guild


Joining a guild in ESO can really take your experience to the next level! Here’s everything you need to know to make it happen.

Guilds are a central pillar of most MMO experiences, and The Elder Scrolls Online is certainly no exception. Whether you want to join a NPC Guild or one managed by another players, they will give you countless Activities to save your time Tamriel filled with adventure. This guide will walk you through what guilds are, the different types of guilds you will find, and how to join them.

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What are guilds in The Elder Scrolls Online?

The guilds are groups managed by NPCs or players. There is three guilds of NPCs in the base game, that all players can join regardless of their current class or race. These offers Special daily quests and new progression trees.

Player Guilds are set up and managed by groups of players. They don’t offer daily quests or skill trees. However, players often have their own goals. There is also merchants which guilds can use to sell items to other players in order to earn gold. Player guilds are also useful for finding cohesive groups of players to go on an adventure with.

How to join NPC guilds in The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online_ How to join the Fighters Guild

the Steps to join the Fighters Guild, the Mages Guild and the Indomitable are almost identical. They all involve going to your City of departure of the faction.

For the Ebonheart Pact, this is Davon’s watch, find in Stonefalls. Aldmeri domination players must go to Vulkhel Guard, in Auridon. If you are part of the Daggerfall Alliance, you must travel to Dagger, in Glenumbra.

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Once arrived, open your menu and look for it Guild What do you want rejoin. They are all marked on the key, which you can use if you have trouble locating them. When you get to the guild, look for someone with a quest. This will start this guild questline and drive to your initiation.

How to join player guilds

Elder Scrolls Online_ How to join player guilds

Player guilds are social groups which are form and organized through real players. You can join them to find other people to play with, no matter what you find fun in The Elder Scrolls Online. There are dedicated guilds for every activity you can imagine, including running dungeons, adventures, role-playing games and more.

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To join a guild of players, you must access the Guild research. This is located in the Guild menu, which opens by pressing G on PC. Console commands are found in the control menu.

In the Guild Finder, you can browse all guilds that have open spaces. Read them descriptions and rules (if they have any) to decide which guild is right for you. Once you’ve made a decision, membership request a few. the Guild master will be then review your request and choose to accept yourself or not.

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