The Elder Scrolls Online gets two dungeons in new DLC


August 24, 2021, 3:00 PM

The Elder Scrolls Online players are currently immersed in the year-long Gates of Oblivion adventure. This adventure pits you against the evil machinations of Prince Daedra Mehrunes Dagon. The plans of the mighty evil lord are unfathomable, but their consequences have a profound impact on the world of Tamriel, and you are at the center of them. Awakened flame is a new DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online which gives you access to two new dungeons: the Red Petal Bastion and the Dread Cellar. Both locations challenge you with new enemies and expand the current Gates of Oblivion storyline after Blackwood launches, and will set the stage for the Dreadlands DLC release, which will arrive later this year.

The bastion of red petals

For centuries, the noble Knights of the Silver Rose had protected the inhabitants of Tamriel from the forces of Oblivion, but recently the order began indiscriminately plundering nearby shrines to collect sacred relics, which they add to their fortress, the Bastion des Pétales Rouges. An Azura loyalist needs your help to confront this once noble order, recover its stolen artifacts, and uncover the secret behind the order’s sudden and violent turn.

The cave of dread

Considered one of the Empire’s most feared prisons, the Dread Cave, long considered abandoned, has begun to emanate mysterious magical energies. Now home to the Cultists of the Awakened Flame and their Daedric minions, this once dreaded site harbors new evils for all budding adventurers. Two Imperial battle mages need your help in their investigation of prison activity, but what role does Dread Cellar’s past have in the cultists’ evil plans? And how far could the Battlespire go to protect the secrets of the Empire?

A free patch accompanied the launch of the Waking Flame DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. Update 31 improves graphics with dynamic resolution scaling and a new HDR mode on consoles, and multithreaded rendering on PC, which will essentially deliver higher resolutions and improve frame rates. Of course, the update also includes lots of fixes and new collectibles, outfit styles, furnishings, and more. You can read the full patch notes here if you want more specific details on all of the changes.

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