The critical role has fans in a frenzy [SPOILER]The possible resuscitation of

This story contains major spoilers for critical role Campaign 3, episode 37.

critical role Desperate fans of Marisha Ray’s Laudna return got lucky this final episode when the voice actor returned to the table momentarily before the party faced off against a mortal enemy from the show’s past.

Episode 37 plunged the Bells Hells deeper into Laudna’s nightmarish mental re-enactment of Whitestone, complete with haunting memories, shifting landscapes, and bloody infrastructure. Throughout their journey to the Central Sun Shaft, the smoky purple-hearted face of a little girl named Matilda appeared to them. Fractured memories of Laudna’s past as Matilda included being bullied by her crush, Whitestone Andy, and getting ready for her fateful dinner with the Briarwoods.

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Whitestone Andy proved to be the least of the Bells Hells problems as Delilah Briarwood sought to confront them when they arrived at the Tree of the Sun. Before the battle to rid the necromancer of Laudna’s spirit began, Laura Bailey’s Imogen Temult used her psychic powers to reach out to her friend. At that moment, Ray momentarily joined the table. Ever since Laudna’s death at the start of Episode 34, Ray’s absence from the game had been felt by players and fans alike, and this brief appearance caused a lot of excitement. Additionally, Ray herself seemed surprised when Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer invited her into his chair for this interaction.

With the assurance that Laudna’s conscience was still there, the Bells Hells continued to fight Delilah Briarwood for their friend’s soul. Long duration critical role fans are no strangers to watching a ragtag group of heroes take on Delilah, as the Necromancer was one of the main villains in Campaign 1. Many noted that Bailey’s characters in both campaigns dealt the final blow to Briarwood. in combat. Throughout the battle, the Bells Hells discovered that the Sun Tree itself was a conduit and lair for Delilah, leading Imogen to split it in half.

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Attached to this indeterminate realm of Laudna’s creation by legendary baker and clergyman Pike Trickfoot, those who fell in battle have disappeared and retired from the table. After the Bell’s Hells defeated Delilah, Mercer ended the session by informing the players that they had all woken up alongside their friends at Pike’s house. Although the session ended there, with no confirmation of the success of their one-shot resurrection attempt, many fans speculated that Laudna would be back in his usual seat in the next session.

critical role dropped another piece of news that has fans on social media excited. Almost a year after their third Dungeons & Dragons country, critical role marked the occasion by unveiling the official Bells Hells logo at the top of Thursday’s session. Admiration for the moon-themed logo sparked reactions from fans on social media throughout the evening.

critical role streams live on Twitch and YouTube Thursday nights at 7 PT.

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