The best murder mystery role-playing game holiday gifts from Hunt a Killer

Curtain call box

In 1934, the famous actress Viola Vane disappeared after an argument during rehearsals. Now is modern time, and Julia Adler found her mummified corpse in the attic of her family theater. But now that the body has been found. Who killed her? The player’s contact is a private investigator hired by the current owner of the theater who risks losing everything. Follow the clues, solve the mystery of Viola Vane and save the theater before the curtain falls on everyone!

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The Melancholy Killer: Serial Killer Game

Itinerant poet Edgar Lee Dwyer’s greatest claim to fame was that of “melancholy killer.” Suspected of killing nine people across the country, thousands believed he was innocent. He was killed in a prison riot 20 years after his arrest. In this game, his personal briefcase will be delivered to your door, along with his official prison documents and other personal belongings. Are they from a wrongly suspected man or from the hands of the serial killer?

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Comic book and sci-fi fans will love this immersive interactive mystery. After joining the Official Supernova Fan Club, you learn that “The Cosmic Adventures of Supernova” is more than a comic book. The hero, Halo, is not just a real person, but the twin sister of Gunny Graham, the lonely creator. He hasn’t heard from her since she fought her nemesis, The Void, on an alien planet. You have to translate the alien language, “Aquarian,” to solve this one, along with many other clues scattered throughout the comic book products.

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